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Now the entry requirements of tmall mall, Alibaba, JD mall and other major e-commerce platforms have enterprise qualification.

If they directly register limited liability companies when registering companies, it will be more smooth in the process of introducing investment in the future.

The company and brand building are mutually.

In this global networked business environment, every entrepreneur should have a network concept and implement a network marketing plan in line with the company’s development.

Facilitate the creation of the company’s brand.

Com), which is approved and registered by the Administration for Industry and commerce, provides company registration, agency bookkeeping, trademark registration, patent application, qualification approval, company change, company cancellation and other services for large and medium-sized companies in the city, Provide one-stop financial and tax services for small, medium-sized and micro enterprises and entrepreneurs, such as registration, accounting, finance and taxation, audit and so on! 1、 Registration service guide for bookkeeping agency companies in Sichuan Province service types: Industrial and commercial registration, domestic company registration, individual industrial and commercial registration, group company registration, abnormal solution, foreign company registration, tax report, accounting agency, bookkeeping and tax declaration, financial consultation, financial planning, tax planning, intellectual property, trademark renewal, trademark transfer, patent application, copyright application, copyright application, company registration, Industrial and commercial change, company cancellation, agency bookkeeping, qualification license, company troubleshooting, abnormal cancellation, trademark registration, qualification agency, fiscal and tax planning, system certification, audit and capital verification, project application, company transfer / trading types: financial companies, electronic companies, industrial companies, real estate companies, automobile companies, advertising companies, trading companies, fund companies, investment companies, insurance companies, Other companies    Why register a company and what are the benefits of registering a company? Why do so many people choose to register? Because after the company is registered, it has a legal business entity, and legal business is the mainstream of China’s economic situation.

After all, it’s yourself that will be affected in the end.

Companies can apply to banks for credit loans, enterprise mortgage loans and other methods to raise funds, which can be a good supplement in the area of funds.

As an independent legal person, the company can also invest in other types of companies and enjoy the rights and interests of legal person shareholders, which is beyond the reach of individual industrial and commercial households and ordinary enterprises.


Personal financing and bank loans are difficult, but owning a company is different.

Finally, Xiaobian reminds you that no matter what type of company you register, when you can’t operate or don’t want to operate, you must remember to cancel it in time.

Companies with good reputation and strong strength can often shape excellent brands.

(and we can provide one-stop tax services, as well as trademark registration and administrative outsourcing, to share the troubles of registration and tax for you.) the company has special registration consultants to provide professional registration consulting for friends who need registration.

  Zhaocaimao Financial Consulting Co., Ltd.

Don’t choose not to cancel it because you’re afraid of trouble.

Loop Box

In addition, Taobao, wechat and other Internet platforms are supporting corporate merchants, and even business, cooperation and contract signing are carried out between companies, which also makes corporate system a development trend.

We strive to build a fast, comprehensive, safe, reliable and preferential registration service for active entrepreneurial friends and gradually expanding companies.

After having a legal business entity, you can not only enjoy the broader protection of national policies, but also issue invoices by yourself.

And there is an advanced computerized accounting processing system, which can provide customers with timely and accurate accounting information.

What are the benefits of registering a company? 1.

Therefore, it can exercise various economic activities in the name of the company and play an important role in promoting the company’s image and product (service) marketing.

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Although invoices may not be used for small businesses in the past, now formal companies and enterprises need invoices.

The company is the main body of a stable brand.

In addition, the company is an enterprise legal person, which can independently bear civil liability and carry out all kinds of economic activities.

Facilitate financing and credit.

Moreover, a good brand can also attract venture capital and large enterprise acquisitions, which makes the company’s business develop rapidly.

These are what every company is happy to see and the guarantee of every customer’s cognitive confidence in the brand.

After registering the company, it has the qualification to apply for domestic trademark.

is a formal agency registered with enterprise registration agency qualification approved by Sichuan Administration for Industry and commerce.

Even the establishment of a company website requires company qualification.

Moreover, now mature angels and VC almost design investment plans based on limited liability companies.

In business dealings, invoicing is a step that cannot be skipped.

Tel: 13689097492 Sichuan zhaocaimao bookkeeping agency company wechat: 13689097492 Sichuan zhaocaimao bookkeeping agency registration company (www.zhaocaimao8.

It is conducive to the Internet promotion of its own products and services.


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