Shanxi Sanxiong construction engineering recruitment (3 posts, 5-8k monthly salary, five insurances and one fund + accommodation package)

Under the guidance of the project manager, issue the audit report of communication engineering settlement as required; Qualifications: 1.

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Participate in the investigation and inquiry of materials and equipment, and check the procurement of raw materials; 4.

Survey the site and calculate the quantities; 3.

Be proficient in the application of office software such as CAD and exclude.

Good communication and expression skills and awareness.

Previous graduates of science and engineering, communication engineering, electronic information Priority salary and benefits for computer and other related majors: 1.

Skilled computer application and operation ability and skilled use of office software.

(for projects subject to approval according to law, business activities can be carried out only after being approved by relevant departments) recruitment of Engineering documenter / Internship (5-8k / month) Job Responsibilities 1.

Be familiar with the production and archiving of as built data, drawings and texts of communication engineering; Welfare benefits, five insurances and one fund, accommodation, performance bonus, meal allowance, no overtime, weekend weekend, employee travel, holiday welfare contact information: 15034177161 contact email: Working address: 1904, unit 2, building 18, phase III, Vanke City, No.

Be responsible for reviewing contracts or agreements, confirming design changes, visas and other data related to project settlement, and guiding the archiving of all contracts or agreements; 5.

Provide correct and reasonable solutions to difficult problems raised by customers.

Independently complete the budget preparation and review of communication specialty; 2.

Work content: 1.

Job requirements: 1.


Be familiar with the construction process of telecommunication engineering, be familiar with the quota and charging standard of communication engineering.


Experience in project budget, final accounts and project supervision is preferred; 4.

Unlimited majors.

Coordinate supervision and improve the completion settlement system of construction projects; 6.

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2、 Job requirements 1.

Network fault alarm monitoring, traffic and performance index analysis, Provide optimization solutions.

Have certain communication and coordination ability and team spirit, be practical, willing to work, serious and responsible, dedicated, trustworthy, honest and fair; Network Test Engineer (internable) (6-8k / month) skill requirements: test, performance test, network test, repair, maintenance, engineer Job Responsibilities: 1.

Relevant working experience; 2.

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Complete network test and analysis tasks with quality and quantity; 2.

Be responsible for the review of project progress payment, labor payment and project settlement; 7.

Provide subsidies for interns or junior engineers; 2.


Check with the construction party, summarize the controversial issues and put forward solutions; 4.

Full time college degree or above, major in telecommunications engineering; 2.

Major in construction engineering, cost and budget, college degree or above; 3.

Daily network optimization in the grid, problem point analysis, propose solutions and implementation; 3.

I wish you all a good job! The company is responsible for the construction project (building construction, municipal engineering, foundation and foundation engineering, steel structure engineering, electric power engineering, ancient architecture engineering, environmental protection engineering, communication engineering, water conservancy engineering, urban and road lighting engineering, landscaping engineering, building intelligence engineering, waterproof, anti-corrosion and thermal insulation engineering, ready mixed concrete engineering, fire engineering; highway, bridge, tunnel engineering, building Electromechanical Installation Engineering) Building curtain wall works, power transmission and transformation works, building decoration works and earthwork works); Construction labor subcontracting; Leasing of formwork, scaffold and engineering machinery and equipment; Installation of electromechanical equipment; Installation and maintenance of power facilities; Sales of building materials, steel, hardware and electrical equipment, electromechanical equipment, wires and cables, flowers and seedlings.

88, Taiyu Road, Xiaodian District, Taiyuan, Shanxi Province.


Strong sense of responsibility, strong sense of teamwork.

Pay engineers 4000-6000 + during the internship period, 4500-8000 or more after becoming a regular worker, five insurances and one fund, control, and meal allowance; 3.

The company has a two-day holiday, and the national legal holidays have a normal rest; weak current technicians (6-8k / month); 1.

Working hours: Monday to Friday; 4.


Be responsible for organizing Prepare the construction budget of the project; 2.

Complete other tasks assigned by superior leaders.

Review the completion settlement and audit of the project; 3.


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