Shanghai magic building “paper building” is really going to be demolished!

This building has five floors.

This building was originally built and used as an office building, so there is no independent bathroom, let alone a kitchen.

Many old residents have lived here for 50 or 60 years.

In fact, the average living area of the paper building is only about 15 m2.

Do you know where the “paper building” is? It is located behind the busiest Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street in Shanghai, 390 Ningbo road.

But now few people will design buildings like this.

In fact, the whole building gradually widens with the extension of shitannong.

“Paper building” is only the most special location in Wuxi community.

In the early years, it can be regarded as one of the representatives of online popularity of magic buildings in Shanghai.

As long as you walk to the door of the community, you will find that it is strange.

If you can have a house of 40 M2 here, you can be regarded as a “big family”.

Narrow on both sides and wide in the middle, the thinnest place just passes by the roadside, which can produce visual deviation and create the illusion of “paper floor”.

Therefore, most residents here still live the life of “carrying toilets”.

It was not until later that it was converted to residential buildings.

In a word, the development of our city is a process of leaving the old and welcoming the new.

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It is said that the “slice” is made to make full use of space under the condition of limited land use, and the “slice” is only a small part of the building.

In the past, when building buildings, they often used the land boundary to the maximum and built buildings close to the road.

For the residents here, it is good to improve the living environment.

Originally there was no five floors, but because there was not enough space, the attic was later built.

Notices of relocation are also posted on the walls and doors of shops on the first floor.

However, the house is broken and there is no better living environment.

This angle is not very unique! The shape of “paper” is an illusion of sight.

It only takes 5 minutes to walk.

Now, all the residents have moved away, and the safety notices of the construction site are also posted on the gate of the community.

As long as it is conducive to people’s life, it is a good thing, don’t you think? Warm reminder, the section of Ningbo Road where the “paper building” is located is mostly in the process of relocation, and the construction site must not enter rashly! The new movie blockbusters of the year are optional! Free viewing! Limited to 50 copies, first come, first served! Long press the identification QR code to participate in the activity free of charge..

Each floor is not a standard floor, and the floor height is different.

The whole building is actually a polygonal building with a triangle.

From the southernmost end of Shitan lane, Ningbo Road, the front of the building is actually no different from ordinary residential buildings.

But from another angle, something magical happened! Is it as thin as paper? It is 6 meters wide at most, but the thinnest place is only 20 cm! The Wuxi community where the “paper building” is located is said to have been built in the 1930s and has a history of about 90 years.

Although it is not the “four-dimensional” traditional architecture we pursue, the “paper building” has long been famous.

As early as the middle of this year, the old changed plot of Fujian Road in Huangpu District, where the community is located, passed the first round of willingness consultation with an ultra-high consent rate.

However, many people feel sorry that such a unique building as “paper building” may have to be demolished.

Although sitting in the downtown area of Shanghai, it is also very anxious for the residents here.


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