Seven steel mills raised prices and the construction steel market generally rose

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Today’s futures are not open, most regional prices remain stable, the finished product performance is differentiated, and the thread and hot coil are obviously stronger than the medium plate.

In many places, the dual control policies of power restriction and energy consumption have been spread, and the hot metal output is expected to be reduced.

Eight short process enterprises in Guangxi have received power rationing notices, of which 4 enterprises are required to stop production and 4 enterprises are required to stagger peak production.

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On the 18th, seven domestic steel mills raised the ex factory price of construction steel by 30-150 yuan / ton.

At present, the scrap market as a whole is weak, traders are pessimistic, speed up import and export, and the social inventory level is low.

East China coke enterprises limited production, originally purchased downstream steel mills producing coke in East China or sought other channels.

Near the Mid Autumn Festival, some markets were closed in the afternoon, and the transaction was poor, but the market was willing to support the price, and the prices in some regions rose slightly.

At present, the supply contraction in the steel market is greater than the demand, especially the tight resources in the building materials market and the optimistic mentality of businessmen.

Affected by the implementation of the dual control policy on energy consumption, steel mills in many places are now implementing strict production reduction and production restriction measures, and the overall demand at the raw material end is low.

In terms of inventory, the weekly cycle ratio of cold rolling output continued to decline, the plant inventory decreased significantly, and the social inventory increased slightly.

Considering the impact of production restriction in Jiangsu, the price of medium plate in East China may usher in an opportunity to rise.

Raw material spot market coke: on September 18, the coke market operated stably.

On the trend impact of economic cycle on the development of steel industry, steel mills in many places increase maintenance, iron ore falls by nearly 7%, and the rise and fall of steel prices show each other.

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In terms of demand, affected by dual control of energy consumption, all steel mills in Jiangsu have received production reduction indicators, and the coke demand of downstream steel mills is declining.

In the short term, the production restriction of steel mills in many places has continued to increase, especially the output of construction steel has decreased significantly, the inventory has decreased rapidly, and the price performance of long products is significantly stronger than that of plates.

As the Mid Autumn Festival is approaching, the trading mood in the spot market is depressed, and the quotation can only remain unchanged or fall slightly by 10-20 yuan / ton.

In terms of demand, the spot demand continues to be weak.

Supply and demand of steel market according to Mysteel research, affected by the “double control” of energy consumption, steel mills in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Guangxi, Shandong and other places have recently implemented production restriction requirements: Recently, most steel mills in Zhejiang Province have received notice of production reduction and plan to gradually implement production reduction.

Cold rolled coil: on September 18, the average price of 1.0mm cold coil in 24 major cities in China was 6499 yuan / ton, down 6 yuan / ton compared with the previous trading day.

The output of various varieties such as construction steel, coil and high-quality steel has varying degrees of impact, but it is mainly concentrated in construction steel.

The superposition double festival is coming, and the demand for replenishment in the downstream is about to be released.

This week, the commencement of coke enterprises in Shanxi continued to decline slightly, the intensity of environmental protection and production restriction in some areas increased, individual inventories accumulated, and the overall inventory was not high; Coke enterprises in East China are strictly limited in production, and some coking enterprises in Shandong are in a stew state because there are few coal consumption indicators left; Jiangsu coke enterprises also cut production due to environmental protection and energy consumption, and the coke supply is decreasing.

Merchants mainly ship and return funds, and the overall transaction is poor.

The scrap steel price is easy to fall but difficult to rise.

Hot rolled coil: on September 18, the average price of 4.75mm hot rolled coil in 24 major cities in China was 5799 yuan / ton, unchanged from the previous transaction.

In addition, the transportation volume of iron ore increases and the price decreases day by day, which is bad for scrap steel in many ways.

However, many businesses have stopped orders and closed the warehouse in the afternoon, and the overall transaction level is general.

At present, the environment of weak supply and demand still dominates, the supply side of the market shrinks obviously, and the demand side is restrained by the weather, epidemic situation and power restriction this week.

  Haowen recommends that the cost of electric arc furnace decreases and the profits of steel mills expand greatly.

The ex factory price of Tangshan ordinary square billet was stable at 5210 yuan / ton.

On the whole, it is difficult for the price to show an obvious trend before the national day.

Scrap steel: on September 18, the average price of scrap steel in 45 major markets in China was 3320 yuan / ton, 8 yuan / ton lower than that of the previous trading day.

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At present, the impact on the output is mainly concentrated from September 10 to October 15.

My steel net was officially opened.

We also need to be vigilant against the risk of policy regulation caused by the rapid rise of steel prices.

Steel spot market construction steel: on September 18, the average price of 20mm grade III seismic deformed steel bars in 31 major cities in China was 5668 yuan / ton, an increase of 62 yuan / ton compared with the previous trading day.

At present, the production reduction plan of short process steel plant is mainly concentrated from September 13 to September 30.

The price of all steel prices was set free.

My steel network news: on September 18, the domestic construction steel market generally rose, and the plate market fluctuated in a narrow range.

The total impact on the average daily output is about 25700 tons.

It is expected to operate weakly in the short term.

With the continuous warming of production restriction in various regions, although the snail market has not opened today, the bullish sentiment in the building materials market is still strong, and the increase in some regions is as high as 90-150 yuan / ton.

It is necessary to beware of the risk of market correction.

Two production lines of steel plant a are shut down, the production lines of steel plant D are overhauled in turn, and all building materials production lines of steel plant f are shut down.

It is basically just in need of procurement, and the willingness to replenish the stock is not strong.

This week, through the investigation of the production of seven leading long process building materials steel mills in Shandong, it is known that the capacity utilization rate of steel mills has decreased significantly, of which the comprehensive capacity utilization rate of rebar is 55.40%, down 18.85 percentage points from last week; The capacity utilization rate of spiral snails was 55.64%, down 4.02 percentage points from last week; This week, steel plants B, C, e and G are still in unsaturated state.

Recently, all steel mills in Jiangsu have received production reduction indicators and have begun to gradually implement production reduction.

On September 14, due to strengthening the dual control of energy consumption, Guangxi implemented the production restriction requirements for local iron and steel enterprises from now on.

In the short term, due to the gradual implementation of production restrictions in some regions, the mentality of businesses is optimistic.

In terms of transaction, near the Mid Autumn Festival, there is a strong festival atmosphere in the market, and the speculative demand has increased.

Medium and heavy plate: on September 18, the average price of 20mm ordinary plate in 24 major cities in China was 5744 yuan / ton, down 1 yuan / ton from the previous trading day.

It is expected that the price will fluctuate around 5800 next week.

Merchants said that the market demand is low, which may continue until after the festival, and they are still optimistic about the market after the festival.

The specific production reduction and maintenance plan of long process steel plant has not been determined, and the production time of some billet adjustment and rolling plants is also limited.


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