School of architecture | staff training of Student Union

Through this staff training conference of the student union, every student union has benefited a lot.

Implement the overall leadership of the Party committee 10.

Adhere to the principle of simplification 4.

Create an equal atmosphere; 6.

On October 21, Qingdao stellar Institute of science and technology and the second online research activity of Kuala Lumpur University were successfully concluded on October 19     Contribution|   School of Architecture     Edit|   Lu Yao, Li Fuxian, first instance | Kang xuqi, final instance | Guo Zhigang, School Media Alliance of the Publicity Department of the Party committee of Qingdao Institute of stellar science and technology   © two thousand and twenty-one   Copyright! Welcome to pay attention! Official wechat submission email of Qingdao stellar Institute of science and technology: Share, like, watch one button three times and add a star sign, compare ♥。.

Architectural students have high aspirations and bear in mind the country, People’s mission, keep up with the pace of the party, correct attitude and position, and a bright future belongs to every hard-working Builder! Please rest assured that the powerful country has me.

First of all, according to several opinions on promoting the deepening reform of university student unions, the conference pointed out:             1.

At the same time, the chairmen of the Student Union expressed their views in combination with the organizational policy documents.

Work diligently and pragmatically; 5.

On October 20, the party construction led, promoted development and forged ahead.

Finally, the training conference was completed in an atmosphere of cooperation and mutual encouragement The United States is over.

Clarify the position positioning 2.

As a young cadre in the new era, every student cadre has reflected and summarized the problems existing in his work and life.

Abide by the student’s duty; 2.

He should abandon his bad style, abide by his students’ responsibilities, and push the work of serving students and doing practical things to a new height.

speak for the students, achieve myself in serving the students, and live up to the teachers’ entrustment and students’ expectations.

Call on all student union cadres to strictly abide by their students’ responsibilities, bear in mind the service purpose, always maintain their idealistic feelings, work solidly, create an equal atmosphere and abandon vulgar habits.

Standardize the convening of the Congress 7.

Everyone gave advice and shared experience.

The backbone students shared their experience of learning the self-discipline convention with you in combination with their personal work experience, saying that they should bear in mind the identity of student cadres, students are their duty, cadres are their responsibility, and do their best to serve the students I.

Always maintain the ideal; 4.

Towards the end of the conference, the backbone students responded positively and put forward various problems encountered in practical work.

Bear in mind the service purpose; 3.

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After strengthening the specific guidance of the Youth League Committee, put forward new requirements for the improvement of the work style of student union cadres, and Relevant provisions on improving the work style of staff of student union of Student Federation and serving students It is proposed that the cadres should: 1.

Strictly enforce the selection procedures 6.

The school of architecture of Qingdao stellar Institute of technology held a staff training meeting of the student union of the school of architecture from October 18 to 19, 2021.

Abandon vulgar habits.

Reform the operation mechanism 3.

Adhere to the strict management of the meeting 8.

Clarify the selection conditions 5.

Establish a work reporting and evaluation system 9.

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