Safety inspection of construction site before Spring Festival

Whether the publicity and training of epidemic prevention and control knowledge for on-site operators are in place; 9.

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Whether a practical and feasible killing and epidemic prevention system and management measures for vehicles and personnel entering and leaving have been established; 6.

Whether the construction site is equipped with sufficient epidemic prevention materials and equipment such as detection, protection and disinfection; 4.

Whether the epidemic prevention and control work plan is formulated; 3.

Whether the canteen on the construction site has measures and supporting facilities such as separate meals and wrong time meals; 7.


Therefore, the investigation of hidden dangers and epidemic situation on the construction site before the holiday is the prerequisite for avoiding all kinds of production accidents and epidemic prevention and control.

Whether the safety education and training of construction personnel are implemented, and whether the safety technical disclosure for operators is in place; 3.


Click on the “official account” above to subscribe! As the Spring Festival holiday is approaching, are the construction partners restless when they go home? At this time, operators are prone to pre holiday syndrome such as absentmindedness, relaxation and carelessness; In addition, the construction site is facing problems such as changes in the external environment and insufficient on-site manpower (some operators ask for leave in advance); In addition, there are many potential safety hazards on the construction site, and various production safety accidents are easy to occur; At the present stage, COVID-19 has recurred in some parts of the country.

Check whether the construction electricity is standardized and correct (1) whether the lighting lamps and electric equipment on site are in compliance; (2) Whether the power lines are laid as required; (3) Whether large equipment is grounded as required.

Whether the certificates and licenses of large machinery and earth moving machinery are complete and the maintenance is in place; 5.

Check whether the fire-fighting facilities on the construction site are in place (1) whether the fire-fighting facilities are complete and in place; (2) Whether the green channel is unobstructed; (3) Whether the hot work is far away from the stacking point of inflammable and explosive materials.


Whether the special scheme and prevention and control measures for dangerous and large projects are perfect.

3 troubleshooting of potential safety hazards on the construction site 1.


Whether the project has established a perfect epidemic prevention and control mechanism; 2.

Whether special operators and drivers of earth moving machinery work with certificates; 4.


Whether the epidemic prevention and control measures at all levels of the local city, district and street town are strictly implemented, and effective communication channels are established.


The overlay of public health safety and construction production safety risks leads to the arduous safety management of construction units.

Whether the living area, office area and construction site are disinfected regularly; 5.

Whether the canteen and toilet are equipped with hand sanitizer, toilet paper and other sanitary products, and whether there are special personnel for cleaning and disinfection; 8.

Implementation of safety management 1 Whether the project safety and environmental protection system and relevant systems are perfect and effective; 2.

Check whether the on-site mechanical equipment has potential safety hazards (1) whether the on-site safety protection devices are intact; (2) Whether the equipment is in good condition; (3) Whether the equipment operation route frequently crosses the pedestrian route without corresponding measures.

The construction site must do a good job in troubleshooting and treatment of hidden dangers in the following aspects: 1.

Check whether the site safe and civilized construction is in place (1) whether the safety publicity tips correspond to the site and are easy to understand; (2) Whether the safety signs are set in place and pointed clearly; (3) Whether the site construction enclosure is intact; (4) Whether the construction site is neat and orderly.

Check whether the relevant safety measures of dangerous and large projects are in place (1) whether the relevant construction scheme, safety measures and approval procedures are complete; (2) Whether there are qualified acceptance procedures for key processes and concealed works, and whether relevant safety measures and facilities are in place; (3) Whether the support system and drainage measures of deep and large foundation pit meet the requirements; (4) Whether the support system and anti collapse measures of formwork engineering meet the requirements, and whether there is deformation and falling off; (5) Whether the structures of temporary facilities such as scaffold and unloading platform meet the design requirements, whether the materials and loads used meet the specification requirements, and whether there is deformation.

Source: construction safety production..

Check whether the operators meet the production needs (1) the age and education level of the operators; (2) Whether there are diseases, physiological defects and personality defects that affect the operation; (3) Whether the skills meet the needs of construction and production, and whether there are relevant certificates; (4) Whether personal protective equipment is worn as required; (5) Whether the personnel are in good physical and mental condition.

2 implementation of epidemic prevention (New Coronavirus) prevention and control 1.

Check whether the on-site safety protection is in place (1) whether the safety protection of “four ports and five edges” is in place; (2) Whether the foundation trench, pit, ditch and opening are covered in time; (3) Safety protection for work at heights; (4) Safety alert of scaffold and formwork engineering site and protection of the lower part during use; (5) Setting of safety alert in hoisting operation area.

The infectious disease prevention and epidemic prevention task is arduous.


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