[resumption of work after the festival] seven “must” help the construction site to resume work and production after the festival

In order to further strengthen the work safety of post holiday construction, prevent and curb all kinds of work safety accidents, and help all construction, construction and supervision units complete the work of post holiday resumption faster and better, all relevant departments have issued relevant notices, Here are the seven “must’s” in the “notice on doing a good job in production safety at the end of the year and the beginning of the year” issued by Hangzhou.

Lifting Anchor

The post holiday resumption stage is a period of frequent occurrence of work safety accidents.

The Spring Festival holiday has come to an end, and all construction sites will resume work one after another.

Let’s learn together! 01 epidemic prevention and control measures must be in place.

All units should adhere to the normalized epidemic prevention and control work, strengthen the management of foreign personnel and key personnel, and continue to do a good job in closed management and access.


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