[resource docking] construction industry exchange meeting – about 09.28

It is an industry exchange meeting that people in the industry can’t miss! Who will come? The friends participating in this exchange come from: real estate development, fund investment, architectural design, engineering construction, building materials, equipment and facilities, management consulting, construction technology, banks, institutions, etc.

build    Business exchange resource docking Why do you want to build an ecological enabling partner development 1 in the industry? In a relaxed and friendly exchange atmosphere, get to know cutting-edge and senior experts in the industry, exchange the latest industry trends and cutting-edge information, obtain business opportunities or cross-border opportunities, establish valuable, in-depth and meaningful links and interactions, and collide with unlimited possibilities.

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700 Yishan Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai ↓.

– Special guest – Zhu Bing, national first-class registered architect   Chairman of Tongzhou Gongji Construction Technology Service Co., Ltd   Deputy Secretary General of old house construction committee of Shanghai Construction Association   Executive director of China Building Information Model Technology Innovation Alliance   TEDA Tongji EMBA Design Association / founding president and executive director share the topic “talent development in enabling construction industry” on September 28, 2021 at 25 / F, block B2, No.

3 what is the communication? The main topics of this exchange meeting include: real estate investment, enterprise management, industry dynamics, space design, construction technology, green building, cutting-edge technology, academic research and development, business cooperation, digital management, information transformation, driverless, construction robot, artificial intelligence, aiot, blockchain, carbon neutralization, etc.


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