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Thirteen ministries and commissions, including the National Development and Reform Commission and the People’s Bank of China, jointly issued the Opinions on Promoting and Ensuring the Legal Performance of Managers in Bankruptcy Proceedings and Further Optimizing the Business Environment, which supports managers in performing their duties in accordance with the law from the perspective of top-level design, and establishes relevant obligations for financial institutions to cooperate with managers, effectively ensuring that managers perform corresponding responsibilities.

As one of the main creditors of real estate enterprises, how can financial institutions ensure the realization of their financial claims? How to provide financial services and support for the bankruptcy and reorganization of real estate enterprises? In the context of “improving the market-oriented exit mechanism for the survival of the fittest, and improving the enterprise bankruptcy system”, in order to help various construction real estate enterprises, bankruptcy administrators, and financial institution creditors master the disposal methods in the asset reorganization and bankruptcy reorganization of construction real estate enterprises, solve common problems in actual operations, grasp the key points and risks that need to be paid attention to, and summarize practical experience in the bankruptcy reorganization of construction real estate enterprises, To safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of financial institutions and the stability of social order, with a view to contributing to the practical operation of bankruptcy reorganization in the construction and real estate industry in China, the Training Department of the Chinese Society of Behavioral Law specially organizes the “Advanced Seminar on Bankruptcy Problems and Reorganization, Pre Reorganization, Mutual Benefit Debt Investment, and Bankruptcy Manager Practice for Construction and Real Estate Enterprises”.

At the same time, due to the impact of the epidemic and economic downturn, litigation cases in the construction industry have increased, and news of bankruptcy of construction enterprises continues to spread.

In real estate bankruptcy cases, it is difficult to identify rights and integrate assets, especially the legal and practical issues involved in the claims of financial institutions; The maintenance of rights such as land mortgage and construction in progress mortgage is an important aspect of resolving financial risks in bankruptcy cases.

The bankruptcy cases of real estate enterprises have certain particularity, and the legal issues involved in the liquidation process continue to increase and become complex and intertwined.

Unlike other industries, construction enterprise bankruptcy involves many professional issues related to the field of construction engineering, and requires higher professional requirements for managers.

After the seminar, the organizer will issue a 30-hour completion certificate.

Background and Benefits of the Advanced Seminar on Bankruptcy Issues and Reorganization, Pre Reorganization, Mutual Benefit Debt Investment and Bankruptcy Administrator Practice for Construction and Real Estate Enterprises: Against the backdrop of declining industry demand and overcapacity, the entire construction industry has ushered in a new reshuffle.

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