Recruitment of Wuhu | recruitment of Anhui new era architectural design Co., Ltd. (social security, food package)


Understand and be familiar with the plant characteristics of the surrounding area 2.

Treatment conditions social security, free lunch, regular physical examination contact information email: Address: 7 level telephone of 3# building, Wan Chun West Road, Anhui, Wuhu, Wuhu, Wuhu: please contact the official account of “recruitment in Wuhu” when contacting the applicant.

Have a certain understanding of the site and sense of space 4.

Graduates of previous years, structural design experience is preferred; 3.

Bachelor degree or above in civil engineering and related majors; 2.

Qualifications: 1.

Have professionalism and teamwork spirit.

Have strong aesthetic ability of plant scenery 3.

Be familiar with building related codes and standards; 4.

Structural engineer 6-8k / month 1.

(five insurances and one fund supplementary medical insurance free shuttle) ๐Ÿ”Ž Wuhu recruitment | Dongfang Yuhong recruitment (performance bonus and year-end bonus) ๐Ÿ”Ž Wuhu recruitment | enyong Technology Co., Ltd.

Wuhu recruitment collects Wuhu recruitment information, including Wuhu talent network, Wuhu job fair, Wuhu recruitment network, Wuhu excellent enterprises, institutions, shops, groups and other high-quality jobs and recruitment information, Wuhu job hunting and Wuhu part-time information platform! Warm tips: because there are many online fraud phenomena and various tricks, it is illegal for employers to charge job seekers in any name! Please be vigilant! Beware of being cheated! When you go to a job interview or work in a certain place, you’d better tell your relatives and friends where to go, so that you can apply for the interview safely.

Major in architecture or similar, bachelor degree or above, with more than two years of design experience; 2.

Planting designer 4-6k / month 1.

At present, we are mainly engaged in various architectural engineering design, planning design, landscape design, civil air defense engineering design, municipal traffic engineering design, engineering survey, indoor and outdoor decoration engineering design, architectural engineering consulting, etc.

I wish you all a good job! Company profile Anhui new era architectural design Co., Ltd., founded in 2005, has class a qualification for architectural engineering design, class a qualification for landscape architecture design, class B qualification for urban and rural planning preparation, class B qualification for civil air defense engineering design, class A (cooperation) for Municipal Transportation Engineering and class A (cooperation) for engineering survey issued and recognized by the Ministry of construction.

Carry out structural analysis and calculation according to architectural design scheme and construction drawings, and be responsible for drawing; 3.

Have the ability to audit, control, coordinate and monitor corresponding design changes.

Proficient in AutoCAD software, Tianzheng and other drawing software; 3.

Recruitment position 1.

Strong structural design ability, good at communication and expression; 4.

Have a certain foundation of English; 6.

BIM project experience is preferred.

Regularly complete quantitative work requirements, and be able to independently handle and solve the tasks in charge; 2.

Lifting Pin Anchor

Solve structural problems during site construction; Qualifications: 1.

Recent recruitment recommendation ๐Ÿ”Ž Wuhu recruitment | recruitment of Wuhu boss Electric Appliance Sales Co., Ltd.

Be able to cooperate with the main designer in planting scheme design 6.

Have strong teamwork ability, effective communication and affinity 3 Architectural design 10-15k / month 1.

Be able to draw planting construction drawings independently (or study carefully) 5.

(including high salary)..

Master CAD, office and other drawing and related calculation software; 5.

Participate in the formulation of engineering structure design, count the engineering technical indicators and data, and provide technical support for engineering construction; 2.


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