Recruitment of reinforcement workers / joining of reinforcement workers group / latest building Recruitment Information Collection (January

Da Ban and the boss will take care of food and accommodation for one day 35018937073509 (forward) Dongguan Chang’an will add two electricians (39 / h) to cover food and accommodation (priority for nearby ones) for five days.

(forward) brothers who don’t go home can do new year’s work.

There are nine welders.

It is required to have complete double certificates, be hardworking, be familiar with the route and each Wharf in Qinzhou.

They are responsible for food and shelter for nine hours.

They find that 200 small workers leave a day.

13924564572。 (forward) two welders are needed in Zhitang Town, Changshu City, Suzhou, Jiangsu Province.

45626519580 Liu Sheng, one cooperation will benefit you all your life! (forward) tomorrow Rongdong will recruit 30 female workers to do cleaning and work well.

Ethnic minorities also find that 200 small workers leave a day, and call 18285859153 (forward) to recruit A2 drivers.

Contact number: 13472212836 (forward) rebar workers looking for work group / rebar workers proofing group / Chongqing rebar workers recruitment group / Sichuan rebar workers group / rebar workers help group / National rebar cage work group / Chongqing rebar workers Commando Group / Zhejiang rebar workers group / site rebar workers binding recruitment.

If they insist on checking out halfway, they will be settled at 400 yuan a day, Hui and Yi ethnic minorities over the age of 54 don’t.

tomorrow and send me a location.

Salary: 350 / day, daily settlement; Tel.: 19179372129.

Wire Ring Clutch

They are under the age of 55.

Tel: 17694969111 (forward) Guangdong recruits water electricians and Zhongshan recruits hydropower workers, middle and small workers.

The construction period is about 8-10.

They don’t check out halfway.

Each person must have an electric wrench.

18636309696 (forward) Hunan Yueyang recruit fire water, argon pipe welder 400-450 a day, carbon steel 200 pipe film, designated mouth, the same salary as the plumber, small worker 240-260 a day, can also wrap mouth dry, requiring 2 groups of people.

The company will not bear any expenses.

It will be settled in nine hours and 140 days.

The salary is settled once a trip.

Call 17339123939 (forward) to find an A2 substitute driver and go to Nanning.

If you are the one.

If you need to earn some living expenses, call me before 2:00 p.m.

The construction period is half a month, including food and accommodation, attached friends, 13044029845 Wu.

Install lights, eat or not, can be done at the end of the year, point work 260 to 380 / day, nearby interested parties please contact.

Now they enter the site 450 days, and the new year begins 550 days on the 28th of the twelfth lunar month.

The company requires ethnic minorities not to work.

They must obey the arrangement.

The construction site is in Zhongshan.

They should be skilled and not sneaky.

Six people can enter the site today.

They are required to have complete double certificates and run to Qinzhou port, apple, Tiandong, Jingxi.

Those interested should call and discuss the price in detail.

13651812775 (forward) there are people working in Fuping in Yuncheng, Shanxi Province.

There are Banjia, and the wage is 600 yuan a day.

Telephone 18285859153 (forward) Pingshan, Shenzhen needs six carpenters.

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Latest information on recruitment of reinforcement workers (January 14, 2022) 50 carpenters in Luohu, Shenzhen, under the age of 55, must be tested for nucleic acid for 48 hours, with a salary of 480 9 hours a day and overtime of 3.5 hours for half a day, so that about 23 people can clear their accounts.

They must have an electric wrench and 48 hours of nucleic acid testing, The number of people is limited.

It will stay 8000 yuan until April! To get the new year subsidy.

Settle the next day: Wu Sheng (not from Shenzhen) 13976205560 (forward) Hangzhou Hezhuang will recruit two electricians, mainly installing lights.

Pull coal, come back and pull stones.

Pay by trip.


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