Recruitment notice of Suzhou qingheju architectural decoration Co., Ltd

Be able to lead the project independently: be responsible for the preliminary planning, scheme creation, scheme optimization and construction drawing handover of the project.

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Age 22-30 years old, college degree, 4 salesmen, working hours: 9:00-5:30 age: 22-35 years old, base salary 3000 + Half package or all package Commission points, various rewards (specific discussion) job responsibilities: 1 More than one year working experience in interior decoration business in the same industry; 2.


Rich market operation experience and marketing knowledge, with the ability to assist the manager of the marketing department to operate the regional market independently; 4.

2 Excellent teamwork, project management and language skills.


Be responsible for the on-site coordination and cooperation in the later stage of the scheme.

The company has been established for 3 years.

Be good at communication, lively, self-motivated, sense of responsibility, dare to challenge yourself, be hardworking, have excellent team spirit (excellent personnel can relax the conditions appropriately) contact number: 15995911711 good position, the opportunity is only reserved for friends who take the initiative to apply! Please contact us when you apply for contact, see it on the WeChat official account csrczpw of Changshu recruitment.

Qualifications: 1 Carry out comprehensive and overall control over the project design and complete the customer confirmation in each stage; Organize and coordinate project team members to complete design tasks, including general drawing, scheme performance and deepening.

The original intention of the company based on the studio is to take better design as the service core, serve the high-quality customer group looking for design, filter the target group with the design fee as the media, and preserve the standard of high fee design service, so as to ensure the service quality of design and advanced design idea.

The design pays more attention to providing further comfortable life and higher commercial value for residential and commercial groups in the era.

Participate in the whole case design of soft decoration from scheme to construction drawing stage and later stage.

Have strong business ability and outreach public relations skills; 5.

2 designers working hours: 9:00-5:30, base salary 2500-3000 yuan plus various Commission points (specific Commission points are negotiable) job responsibilities: 1 Excellent hand drawing ability, and familiar with various design software, such as pscadpt; 2.

Its main service groups are commercial space design, office space & plant design and high-end private house design.

Participate in the bid presentation or scheme meeting of project scheme design bidding, and comprehensively introduce the design results; 5.

Be familiar with Xinyang’s current home decoration market and community distribution, and have channel or property sales relationship is preferred; 3.


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Paying attention to talent recruitment in Changshu is conducive to promotion and salary increase! Qingheju & wusheng design is a young entrepreneurial company with design as the main body.


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