Recruitment in Xi’an | Recruitment in Xi’an Ruidong Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. (including food, housing and double pay at the end of

Can use Guanglianda to calculate the quantity, can work in Guanglianda BIM3, and have a relevant working life of 8-10 years or more; 3.

Timely urge invoices to ensure the consistency of invoice, funds, contract, goods and freight.

Job responsibilities: 1.

The company adheres to the principle of “honesty first, quality first”, takes the principle of high standards and strict requirements, and takes the road of standardized and standardized management.

Collect the basic economic data of each stage and node of the project, classify and rectify them, and summarize and analyze them.

1 civil budgeter, 70000 – 10000 job responsibilities: 1.

More than 3 years of civil engineering budget and final accounting work experience in large projects, familiar with project bidding, contract signing, estimate preparation, budget, settlement review and process control; 4.

Read the construction drawings carefully, find relevant problems in real time, and participate in the joint review of drawings.


Be familiar with the construction drawings, design and construction plans, construction changes, construction documents, construction contracts, and relevant laws and regulations, fully grasp the economic items and subcontract documents of the project engineering contract documents, and do a good job in contract disclosure.

There are 5 senior technicians and 21 intermediate technicians.



Familiar with project bidding, bidding, project final account audit, etc.

Job requirements: 1.


More than 5 years of experience in civil engineering budget and installation budget management; 3.


Scientific management and advanced business philosophy have laid a solid foundation for the company’s development, and some projects are also being implemented.

4、 One project accountant with 4000 to 5000 job responsibilities: 1.

Be responsible for the sorting, review and reimbursement of the petty workers’ wages and expense bills of the project department.

Enterprise Introduction Xi’an Ruidong Construction Engineering Co., Ltd.

The high-quality management team has created high-quality professionals all the time, so that “in the face of new opportunities and challenges, and in the tide of market economy, the company will unite, be tenacious, break the routine, update the concept, take development as the starting point, rely on scientific management, high-quality professionals, and strive to create more and more high-quality projects.

Responsible for the preparation of the project budget and the review of the cost of the project, and analyzed the difference between the actual cost and the target cost according to the site practice.

Served as the real-time processing of project settlement with the owner, and usually paid attention to collecting and rectifying relevant materials.

Prompt the technicians to handle the engineering visa in real time according to the actual situation of the site, and handle the final audit result of the economic visa to Party A in combination with the relevant knowledge of the budget.

Mainly engaged in construction engineering, decoration engineering, water and electricity heating installation engineering, anti-corrosion and thermal insulation engineering.



Complete other tasks assigned by leaders.

Be responsible for the payment application and nailing approval process of the corporate account of the Project Department.

More than 3 years of civil engineering cost experience in construction enterprises; 3.

Cooperate with other departments to supply relevant materials in real time.

Be able to independently complete the construction project budget and settlement, handle the construction visa, cooperate with the completion of the project bidding, construction organization design, project contract preparation and management, and be able to independently complete the bidding volume and price group 7.

College degree or above in engineering cost, construction engineering and other related majors; 2.

Establish the budget work system, supervise and inspect the implementation; 3.

Qualifications: 1.

Draft and improve departmental rules and regulations, contracts, bidding, budgets, final accounts, etc; 4.

Get familiar with the production progress of the construction site, prepare the construction and production calculation report of the current month on time, and prepare the construction budget of the next month according to the production progress plan of the next month.

Understand the project cost and material information of Shaanxi Province; 5.

The company has a registered capital of 20 million yuan and more than 50 employees.

Have worked in construction companies and offices; 2.

Good negotiation and communication skills.


Strong ability of department management and teamwork, strong sense of responsibility.

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Recruitment position 1.

Handle the internal affairs of the Procurement Department and other work arranged by the leader..



Responsibilities: 1.

With first-class management team, first-class technical force and first-class professional equipment, we will build a professional company with advanced management, strong technical force, reasonable personnel structure and construction enterprise qualification.

Party A’s application for payment of project funds and review of quantities of subcontractors; 6.

Participate in the drafting of the task plan of the subcontract, and prepare the subcontract project plan according to the task content and unit price included in the subcontract.

Be responsible for the department’s civil engineering budget and installation budget, that is, the cost accounting and management of the project; 2.

Be familiar with the specifications and regulations related to the construction project, and skillfully use the Guanglianda calculation, price group software, office software and CAD software; 8.

Cooperate with the company to prepare the cost of the project plan, and put forward reasonable suggestions according to the construction plan and the situation of the site practice.

is a joint-stock private enterprise, established in October 2008.

Connect with the project department, finance department and upstream and downstream enterprises.



Major in engineering budget and civil engineering, college degree or above, and more than 3 years of actual cost work experience; 2.

Magnetic Steel Chamfer

Participate in the review of labor settlement.

A budget supervisor of 10000 to 15000.



2、 One installation budgeter is 70000-12000.

Drafting and review of subcontract; 5.



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