[recruitment] 10 real estate / construction / consulting enterprises recruit Project Manager / Business Manager / Cost Manager / Supervisor

Cost controller (1) 2.

Job responsibilities: Civil budgeter: 1.

Have a strong enterprising spirit and can adapt to fast-paced work.

Several fresh graduates (interns) 2.


Be familiar with relevant laws and regulations of engineering technology and engineering cost, have strong ability of organization, coordination, analysis and judgment, and be proficient in wide application Lianda and other calculation and pricing software, computer and office software.

Job requirements: Civil Engineering budgeter: (full-time undergraduate) 1.

Yongdao Engineering Consulting Co., Ltd.

Engineering cost / construction / design related major, full-time college degree or above; 2.



recruitment position: Intern, civil engineering Installation budgeter (more than) 2.

Civil engineering budgeter: more than 1 year of engineering experience is required, who can independently complete the budget settlement of Civil Engineering Decoration Specialty, be familiar with the list, quota and Guanglianda cost software, and have good communication and coordination skills.


Be able to arrange all professional cost personnel to carry out various cost consulting businesses on time and according to quality; 2.

Installation budgeter (3 for each) 2.

Working location: company background.

Civil engineering budgeter 2.

Huizhou Huicheng District cost consulting company I.

Cost controller: 1.

Contact information: Email: 55261265@qq.com2 I.

Major in engineering cost, civil engineering and engineering management, with excellent results, certain professional foundation in cost, and able to use office software and Guanglianda software.

Have a certain understanding of bidding..

Erection Anchor One Sided

Working location: the company’s back office.

Address: Guangzhou Tianhe Zhongying building 6.

Li: 13246427216 (same wechat number) 1.


Salary negotiable, preferential treatment 5.

Foshan company of Shenzhen Haixi Engineering Management Co., Ltd.

Free talent recommendation: 20-30 cost training talents majoring in civil engineering or installation graduate every month, with independent calculation ability.

Free recruitment, job hunting Training hotline: Mr.

4、 Contact information: 876338520@qq.com Zheng Gong 4.

Provide accommodation; 2.

Fresh graduates (interns): (full-time undergraduate) 1.

Warm tips: 1.

(Division 1) 1.


Graduate from engineering cost, engineering management, economic management and other related majors, with more than 1-3 years of cost consulting experience; 3.

3、 Salary: 1.

As long as you have the strength, you can help you find the only one.

Several civil engineering and installation interns are recruited.

Be responsible for the preparation, verification and review of design estimation, construction drawing budget, bill of quantities, bidding control price and completion settlement; 3.

Recruitment position: 1.

Have good communication skills and the ability to independently complete cost consulting projects; 2.

Have certain management ability for project cost; 3.

Serious working attitude, hard-working and team spirit.

3、 Salary: Interview IV.


4、 Salary: 1.

Free job search: large and medium-sized real estate, construction units and engineering consulting in Guangdong Province.


Salary: salary negotiable.

contact information: 18825171119 Miss Wang email: 616295284@qq.com3 I.

Guangzhou Ruijian Engineering Project Management Co., Ltd Recruitment position: budgeter (several) II.

The recruitment information of high-quality construction personnel is released free of charge every Monday and Wednesday.

Dongguan Dongxin Engineering Cost Consulting Co., Ltd.

Job requirements: 1.

working location: 804, South Tower, Times New World Center, 2191 Guangyuan East Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou v.

Please forward it to the people around you who need it ~ long press to pay attention to looking for a job, please pay attention to “biyoude”.

Interview address: room 1101, block a, Zhongqiao building, Qifeng Road, Guancheng District, Dongguan v.


Job requirements: Supervisor requirements: 1.

Civil engineering direction (except for the installation major), it is required to have a certain foundation of Guanglianda modeling operation and drawing recognition; 3.

Engineering cost / construction / design related majors, full-time bachelor degree (college degree is also acceptable if the foundation is good); 2.

After the probation period, the minimum salary + year-end performance bonus shall be adjusted regularly according to ability and work performance; 3.

Responsible for construction engineering, decoration engineering, landscaping engineering, etc Cost consultation; 2.

Civil engineering Installation Supervisor (1 for each) 2.

Installation budgeter: more than 1 year of engineering experience is required, who can independently complete the budget settlement of installation specialty, be familiar with the list and quota And Guanglianda cost software, those with good communication and coordination skills are preferred.

Work related to the whole process cost consulting business.

recruitment position: 1.

Job requirements: excellent fresh graduates or excellent interns: 1.

Gao: 13246413216 (same wechat number) Mr.

contact information: 15015282899 email: 1260570247@qq.com Company qualification: Class A qualification for engineering cost consulting 5.

Please understand and verify the job search and recruitment information by yourself.

Internship experience or basic software operation is preferred.


Civil engineering direction, it is required to have good professional skills and good understanding ability, Strong sense of responsibility.

Healthy, able to work under pressure, with high professionalism, strong team consciousness, and able to travel.

It is updated every Monday and Wednesday, and the recruitment and job search information comes from customer entrustment and network.

Free recruitment: it covers 20000 cost practitioners and 3000 fresh graduates, and there are always talents preferred by the enterprise.

Internship or fresh student treatment 2-3K, skilled or semi skilled treatment interview, determined according to the professional basis.

Job requirements: Intern requirements: fresh engineering cost graduate, college degree or above, working in the company, self-motivated, familiar with drawings, able to operate Guanglianda software, etc.

Liu: 1776527571 (same wechat number) Mr.

5.5-day working system, legal holidays; 3.

Five insurances and one fund, two-day rest, meal allowance and holiday welfare; 2.

recruitment position: 1 Excellent fresh graduates or excellent interns (1-2) 2.


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