Ranking of 20 evil buildings, the first place is China

After exchanging their eyes, Jiangshan strode out of the classroom.

Jiangshan respectfully asked director Xing, “what’s the matter?” “the headmaster is waiting for you in the headmaster’s room! Walking and talking!” director Xing said with a pursed mouth.

How many words I love you, finally became sorry, July flying fire.

All the students in the classroom saw it clearly, behind director Xing , two uniformed policemen stood.

The sedan chair lifted everyone’s sedan chair.

If he wanted his life, Jiangshan had at least ten ways to kill Han Chong directly on the spot.

What you said about suspected serious injury needs to be investigated to find out the causes and consequences before it can be determined.

Guan Shan was thinking about what Lin Xi was looking for when director Xing of the academic affairs office came in person.

“Is it right? It’s natural to know when you go back to the Bureau.

How could he not smell the meaning of the people above.

The headmaster looked angrily at the direction of the door, reached out and grabbed the tea cup and wanted to drink.

What’s the matter?” Deng Jie turned back and looked at Jiangshan curiously.

He immediately blacked his face and shouted.

Sometimes bow your head is also progress! Go in!” director Xing said sincerely word by word.

Their years of tacit understanding made Deng Jie immediately feel unusual.

Jiangshan turned around and looked at Deng Jie before he left the classroom.

You should learn to bow your head.

It was fishy.

“This is Jiangshan! Comrade, you should know that he was the one who peeped in the school a few days ago…” “Let’s remember! Well, Jiangshan, someone is reporting a case.

Now, I’m just assisting you in obtaining evidence!” Jiangshan said with a cold face.

He didn’t speak all the way.

The boy threatened himself so blatantly! He had been the headmaster for so many years, and today a student threatened him! He was so angry that he even breathed a lot.

Moreover, I’m nothing special, but I have a strong sense of revenge!” Jiangshan smiled and watched the headmaster’s uncontrollable sweat fight “Let’s see the progress of the event.

Maybe Han Chong’s death is due to other reasons! What do you say?” Jiangshan humbly bent down a little, smiled and said, “you’re busy first, I’ll go back to class!” Jiangshan went out, leaving the stunned headmaster.

He just started.

The position and strength of his shot was only to hit his chest, resulting in short-term suffocation and stomach spasm.

Go back with us and take notes.” an older policeman said politely.

Jiangshan who knocked on the door stood in front of the headmaster’s desk, and the headmaster was sitting there waiting for Jiangshan.

Whether to drop out or transfer, wait for notice! Go back and pack up your things.” The headmaster said reluctantly that he was much weaker than before.

“Yo, he’s still a hard temper! I really need to loosen your skin when I go back to the station!” the older policeman stood with his eyes behind him that year.

Because no one knows when the wind will rise on this day.

“Why? You even asked me why!” The headmaster was so angry that the bold student in front of him rushed to refute and asked himself…

In fact, he knew very well that just a few days ago, the student in front of him had saved his position.

You are suspected of serious injury.

As expected, the headmaster’s conversation in the morning was only the beginning.

If they move a little, they will be covered with sweat.

Han Chong hit the female classmate, but I couldn’t see it.

He whispered, “be careful, someone stabbed it up.

“the school will make a decision as soon as possible to deal with this bad wounding incident.

Otherwise, whether it was murder or strong x, he was destined to be dismissed due to weak supervision.

“Don’t panic! He’s the first day of junior high school, and I’ll do the fifteenth! In this way, I’ll call you my old man.

Jiangshan closed his eyes and ignored the policeman sitting next to him..

When he returned to the classroom, the river and mountain were silent for a long time.

There was no way.

Now I listen to the headmaster He said that someone must be making an article on it.

However There was nothing unusual in the afternoon yesterday.

If something goes wrong and you can’t contact me, you can call and tell me what happened!” Jiangshan finished calmly and narrowed his eyes slightly.

Jiangshan looked into the headmaster’s eyes and said faintly, “director Xing should have roughly told you what happened? It was a quarrel between the students.

Jiangshan didn’t speak for a long time.

“Jiangshan, did you fight yesterday afternoon? Why?” the headmaster’s round face was full of seriousness.

When the hot water flowed on the trousers, the headmaster was speechless and stunned…

How many words I love you, finally became sorry, July flying fire.

“What’s the matter? Jiangshan.

He had been the headmaster for many years.

It seems that this is going to kill himself at one time.

“Let go, I’ll go myself!” Jiangshan seemed to take it lightly, so he broke away from his big hand and walked away.

“Child, you are still young.

“Don’t shout! You are the headmaster, pay attention to your identity!” Jiangshan smiled, stepped forward, picked up the water cup on the desk, walked aside casually, picked up a glass of water for the headmaster, put it on the table, held the cup, and then said: “I mean, the school had better not punish so early.

He opened the door and sat down magnanimously.

“Jiangshan, come out!” it’s not as kind and kind as talking to Jiangshan on weekdays, but it’s not as strict as talking to others.

What nonsense! Go!” the policeman probably didn’t expect that a student dared to buckle words with himself and study the judicial process.

When the two were almost in front of the headmaster’s room, director Xing couldn’t hold back.

Obviously, he also benefited from Jiangshan’s polite attitude.

Since someone made an article on this matter and even got out the notice of critical illness, he would not be shocked Loud, little rain, simply want to drop out of school.

He couldn’t protect him if he wanted to, and the leaders of the city personally urged him.

Jiangshan said the matter in a short low voice “Ah! What should I do? It’s not a joke! If the facts are done, it’s not easy to do!” Deng Jie said hastily with wide eyes.

“Hua La” Unexpectedly, the headmaster picked up a porcelain cup without a bottom, and the base of the cup was neatly broken on the desk.

After a long pause, he gulped down his saliva.

“Director Xing!” Jiangshan went out of the classroom and said hello politely.

He came forward and grabbed Jiangshan’s wrist and was about to pull away.

He knew what to do.

The sun scorched the earth.

The municipal leader personally called the Education Bureau to understand the situation of the incident.

The specific headmaster will talk to you! Have a good attitude.” director Xing stopped, say.

Han Chong told him that his life was in danger this morning.

“Comrade police, first of all, I want to correct it.

“Drop out? Transfer? Why?” Jiang Shan asked with narrowed eyes.

To be exact, it’s not a fight, it’s just pushing and shoving.” “It’s easy to say! Push and shove! Push and shove can push people into the hospital and push people unconscious? You know? Han Chong’s family members have received a critical notice from the hospital!” The headmaster bumped the teacup heavily and shouted in a deep voice.

He was really tired of eating arsenic when he made such a small move on his own mu of land.

The weather is so stuffy that people panic.

Since someone gave you a smiling face and gave you face, of course you should report back.

Just halfway through the first class, director Xing knocked on the door and called Jiangshan out.

“Hmm…” Jiangshan thought for a long time, only HMM.

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“Oh!” Jiangshan nodded.

“Thank you!” Jiangshan looked into director Xing’s eyes and said sincerely.


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