Quick news │ Jiangxi special rectification construction industry bidding outstanding problems investigation “five types of objects”

Bid evaluation experts: whether there are false materials (professional title certificate, registration certificate, academic certificate, unit certificate, etc.) to apply for the qualification of bid evaluation experts; Whether there is any private contact with the bidder or collusion with the bidder to obtain illegitimate interests; Whether high bid evaluation fee is required; Whether there are problems such as performing the review duties unfairly and objectively, and failing to report violations of laws and regulations; Whether there is any problem of not strictly abiding by the confidentiality provisions and disclosing the relevant information of bid evaluation.

It is reported that the housing and urban rural development departments at all levels will establish a linkage mechanism of case clue transfer, case investigation and handling, information sharing and notification with the Local Discipline Inspection Commission, public security, courts, procuratorates and other departments.

Through rectification, by the end of June 2022, illegal activities in the field of housing construction and municipal infrastructure construction in the province, such as bid encirclement and collusion, illegal contracting, subcontracting, affiliation and illegal subcontracting, will be effectively curbed, and the order of the construction market will be further standardized.

Bidder: whether there is collusion in bidding; Whether there is any act of bribery to win the bid; Whether there are bidding behaviors such as bidding in the name of others, affiliated or borrowing qualification bidding; Whether there is a problem of fraud to win the bid; Whether there are forced engineering behaviors such as coerce other potential bidders to give up their bids, coerce the winning bidder to give up their bid, or coerce the winning bidder to transfer the winning project; Whether the project or part of the project is subcontracted or illegally subcontracted to other units or individuals after winning the bid; Whether any unit or individual has contracted the project in the name of other qualified construction units.

According to the Department of housing and urban rural development of Jiangxi Province, Jiangxi Province will carry out in-depth special rectification of outstanding problems in the bidding field of housing construction and municipal infrastructure projects from September.

Bidding agency: whether there is any act of colluding with the tenderee, bidders or bid evaluation experts to manipulate the bidding and disclose confidential matters; Whether there is any behavior of not handling bidding business according to regulations and not publicizing relevant information such as the qualification of the bid winner, the discipline of the constructor and the bidding performance as required; Whether there are problems such as fraud when registering information in Jiangxi public resources trading system; Whether there are problems such as acting in violation of the scope agreed in the contract, arranging non agency personnel to participate in the bidding agency work, etc.

The Provincial Department of housing and urban rural development will also set up an investigation and supervision group, led by the leaders of the Department, to conduct investigation and supervision in groups around the country, to supervise the key areas with zero problems, zero cases and zero transfer, to inform and interview the areas and units with no obvious effect of special rectification, and to inform the local government of the responsible units and personnel who do not take responsibility, do not fulfill their responsibilities and go through the motions Discipline inspection and supervision organs shall pursue responsibility and accountability…

Regulatory authorities: whether there is any dereliction of duty such as turning a blind eye to the “tailor-made” exclusion of potential bidders in the bidding documents, failing to find the problems that should be found, and failing to seriously deal with the problems found; Whether the daily supervision responsibilities of bid evaluation experts and bidding agency are strictly performed, and the “one bid and one evaluation” system is implemented; Whether a complaint and report acceptance mechanism has been established, the complaint and report telephone and e-mail have been published on the website, the complaint channels have been unblocked, and the complaints have been handled in accordance with laws and regulations; Whether there is any problem of illegal interference in the bidding of engineering projects.

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Jiangxi Province has conducted a whole process backward check on the housing construction and municipal infrastructure projects that must be tendered according to law in the province since January 1, 2020, focusing on these behaviors of “five types of objects”: whether the tenderee does not tender for the projects that must be tendered, and “tailor-made” in the preparation of bidding documents; Whether the bidder has 7 behaviors such as colluding in bidding and bidding in the name of others; Whether there are five behaviors of bid evaluation experts, such as privately contacting bidders and asking for high bid evaluation fees; Whether the bidding agency colludes with the tenderee, the tenderer or the bid evaluation experts to manipulate the bidding and disclose the confidential matters; Whether there are four kinds of behaviors such as illegal intervention and intervention in project bidding by regulatory authorities.

Tenderee: whether there is a situation that the project that must be tendered is not tendered, the project that must be tendered is divided into parts, or the bidding is avoided in any other way; Whether the bidding scope, bidding method and bidding organization form of the project are determined according to law; Whether the bidding documents are “tailored” and set unreasonable conditions in violation of regulations to exclude potential bidders; Whether there are restrictions on private enterprises and small and medium-sized enterprises to participate in market competition, or whether the bidder is required to set up subsidiaries and branches; Whether the bid security and performance security are collected beyond the standard, the letter of guarantee (including electronic letter of guarantee) is rejected, or the security is not collected or returned according to the regulations; Whether there is any violation of laws and regulations such as contracting out the project to units or individuals without corresponding qualifications, or dismembering the contract; Whether there is any act of appointing or instructing the successful bidder to subcontract or subcontract part of the project to a specific enterprise.


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