Queensland architectural design company builds 2022 Winter Olympic speed skating hall, and Chinese memory builds “ice ribbon”

As of October 2018, more than 6000 registered sports clubs and associations in Queensland provided sports services at the state and local levels.

Chang Yafei, executive president of populous China, is also the project director and one of the main creators of the speed skating hall.

The total contract amount of sports planning and design projects has ranked first in the world for many consecutive years.

These wonderful moments promote the booming development trend of Queensland sports industry.

Populous has designed and completed many world-famous buildings, such as the main stadium of the Sydney Olympic Games, the central court of Wimbledon tennis open, London O2 performing arts center, Hangzhou Asian Games equestrian center, Hong Kong Kai Tak sports park and so on..

In addition to the design concepts derived from Chinese memory, the design teams from Beijing, China, Brisbane, Australia, India, London, UK and Denver, USA also learn from other Olympic venues designed by populous in the world, It includes the design experience of oval Lingotto Avenue speed skating Hall of 2006 Turin Winter Olympic Games and fisht stadium of 2014 Sochi Winter Olympic Games.

After six months of fierce competition, it finally came to the fore.

It is also the company with the largest number of completed projects, the largest total scale and the most experienced in the field of sports architectural design.

It is estimated that sports and active recreational activities generate an economic contribution of about a $5 billion a year, or close to 1.5% of gross national product (GSP).

The scheme submitted by the populous design team was successfully shortlisted after layers of screening.

At that time, ice and snow athletes from all over the world will rush to the event.

02 the global team has jointly created the “ice ribbon” national speed skating hall.

As the only new large-scale permanent indoor venue for the Winter Olympics, this amazing “ice ribbon” will become a landmark building on the central axis of the Beijing Olympic Games alongside the “bird’s nest” (National Stadium) and “Water Cube” (National Swimming Center), witnessing that Beijing has become the first city in the world to host both summer and Winter Olympics.

In February 2022, the Beijing Winter Olympic Games will begin soon.

The victory of this design competition also set a new record for populous – they have participated in the planning and design of 14 summer and Winter Olympic Games since the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games.

The design of the “ice ribbon” interior (speed slide) speed skating hall is also the result of the joint cooperation of the populous global design team.

“The ice gyroscope rotating and jumping at high speed seems to have unlimited energy and possibilities.

This is what I thought when thinking about the characteristics of speed skating.

The design effect drawing of the “ice ribbon” of the national speed skating hall from its birth to its successful selection, the design ingenuity of populous is well deserved.

In 2019, according to data released by adept economics, the sports and active entertainment sector directly and indirectly promoted economic activity and employment in Queensland.

Fixing Socket Cross Hole

As a native Beijinger, the childhood memory of the traditional winter game in Beijing – “Bingbing”, also known as “ice top”, has contributed a lot of inspiration to the conceptual design of “ice ribbon”.

01 inspired by “Chinese memory”, this unique “ice ribbon” is designed from a Chinese memory.

03 outstanding architectural design strength it is reported that a total of 66 companies at home and abroad participated in the international competition for the conceptual scheme of the national speed skating Hall of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games.

The 2032 International Olympic Games will be held in Brisbane, Queensland For a long time, Queensland sports elements have been active on the world stage.

Location of the “ice ribbon” of the national speed skating hall populous, an internationally renowned architectural design company headquartered in Brisbane, Queensland, undertook the design of the “ice ribbon” of the speed skating Hall of the Winter Olympic Games, bringing Queensland’s design strength into the Winter Olympic Games.

Populous, the creator of “ice ribbon”, is the world’s top sports, exhibition and entertainment venue design and event consulting company.

The Olympic atmosphere will spread from this city to all corners of the world.

In addition, the artistic conception and Inspiration of Dunhuang Flying also inspired the populous design team and led them to boldly extend the concept of high-speed rotation of “ice gyro”, creating 22 rotating “ice ribbons” for the facade of the venue, which not only skillfully combines the ice surface with the shape of the venue, but also perfectly shows the state of high-speed movement of speed skaters on the venue.

In the women’s singles final of 2021 Wimbledon Tennis Championship, Queensland Ashley batty won the title.

Its Asia Pacific headquarters is located in Brisbane, the capital of Queensland, Australia.

In 2019, the Queensland government issued qldsport & activerecreation strategy 2019-2029, which inherits the traditional sports culture of Queensland, makes use of the pleasant natural environment, establishes a strong sports community and improves relevant facilities, and promotes the national sports boom.

The sports influence brought by the 2004 Olympic Games “ice ribbon” is not only the main venue for the speed skating competition of the current Winter Olympic Games, but also will serve the local residents in the form of post competition heritage after the Olympic Games and enrich the construction of local sports facilities.

Design renderings of “ice ribbon” of national speed skating hall, and the construction of sports community has also been listed as a key development project in Queensland.

Therefore, the ice gyroscope has become part of the design inspiration and integrated a strong Chinese memory into the design concept of the venue.” Chang Yafei introduced.


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