Qingdao, don’t keep a low profile! Obviously, he is the king of architecture, but he is always considered to only eat beer, clams and take a

Influenced by the architectural style, the old city of Qingdao is always mistaken for “European city”.

Xiaohongshu @ wenyiyu painted the dome and window glass of biblical stories, which added a trace of romance to the overall painting style outside religion and became a unique landscape.

There are iron chain guardrails and lotus street lamps on both sides of the bridge, and a semicircular triangular flood dike is built at the end, in the shape of “individual”.

The cavity shape is like a mother’s womb, with water like lines superimposed layer by layer, creating a lightness of space-time flow.

At a glance, you will fall in love with this seaside city integrating classical and romantic, European and oriental architecture.

Foot Eye Anchor


They are the best place for old Qingdao people to shelter from the wind and rain, and also a witness to urban development.

Xiaohongshu @ Da Pai Qingdao’s church is a combination of reinforced concrete and Huanggang rock.

Little red book @ program Frank   Cheng was designed by German designer bilouha according to Gothic and Roman architectural styles.

When it becomes a “net red” landmark, it also shows the city’s attitude towards life.

Xiaohongshu @ covers a construction area of more than 7000 square meters in Qingdao, making it a large and high-cost building in Germany among many buildings in Qingdao.

Photographer @ Lu Hui, its overall shape belongs to a courtyard residential courtyard, surrounded by four buildings and a large courtyard in the middle, which is built along the terrain and durable.

It is composed of irregular sloping roof, green walls, red tiles and pines and cypresses, just like Andersen’s fairy tale world.

1 little red book @heibor; Figure 2 xiaohongshu @ photographer – Qiangzi’s masonry and steel wood mixed building adopts the symmetrical plane on both sides of 19th century European public buildings, with four corners and a little prominent in the middle.

Picture @ the soft curve inside the auditorium of rongchuang Addo town shrinks with the sequence.

It looks like two “concave” shapes from above.

Photo @ rongchuang Addo Town, designed by the famous architect Zhuang Ziyu, is made in the form of “cavity structure” and “slice superposition”.

Picture @ the whole architectural concept of West Coast Art Museum advocates the integration with nature, with up to 75% of the green area.

The plane is in the shape of “cross”, and the spires on both sides rise into the clouds, giving people the impression of grandeur and solemnity.

In addition to modern European architecture, more and more modern buildings have been built in Qingdao.

Xiaohongshu @ takes a breath of moonlight, while Huilan Pavilion is built on the embankment.

The most direct way is to build churches.

The external design is very unique.

The exterior is like the main building of a large ship with an area of 17000 square meters.

Huashilou Little Red Book @ big sun to work hard   Jiaoao governor’s house   A German governor’s office, half of Qingdao’s modern history.

The bridge is 440m long and 10m wide.

“Any kind of architecture is practical at first.

This is the feast of the “World Architecture Expo”.

Only open for half a month, it won the title of “quiet wedding hall in the world”.

Local ancient buildings are always ignored in Qingdao.

Picture @ rongchuang Addo town   Rongchuang Addo town   On October 1, as soon as the “Addo town” officially opened, it burst Xiangjun’s circle of friends.

From 1898 to 1914, Qingdao was forcibly occupied by Germany.

Wanghong architecture, adohua street and adohua island not only create a place to rest, but also create the unity of heaven and man to meet the poetry and distance yearned by contemporary people.

The typical oriental double-layer double flying eaves octagonal helmet top Pavilion is covered with glazed yellow tiles, which is magnificent.

The parent-child center with the design concept of stretching and flying “magic carpet”, the cinema “blossoming and flying carpet”, the diamond shaped restaurant and many other art like buildings echo it.

“Purity, ethereal and return” are important keywords.

The white wall symbolizes pure and flawless love, implying that the new couple’s white heads are inseparable.

There are 24 round Pavilion columns around.


1 xiaohongshu @ 487222498; Figure 2 little red book @ brother Qiu   Ancient legend – Tin Hau Palace   “Heaven and Palace first, then Qingdao city.” Tianhou palace, built in the third year of Chenghua in the Ming Dynasty, has a history of more than 500 years.

Xiaohongshu @iver Jiang is the king of European architecture.

German designers and architects fully participate in the supervision.

Its aesthetic meaning is additional.

Michael’s Church   At the same time of colonial rule, Germany also implanted religious beliefs.

The pavilion is a two-story circular hall with 34 spiral stairs in the center, which can hover up to the second floor.

Houses with different styles silently tell the context of urban development and historical details of Qingdao.

The building built in 1906 has a history of more than 100 years.

The scenery can be introduced indoors by opening the window.

Xiaohongshu @ Xi Xi Yu, Qingdao University Road   City Representative – trestle   If we must push a landmark that can represent Qingdao, trestle is the first choice.

Picture @ ACF domain map visual great historical imprint gives people the impression of “new and fashion”.

2 xiaohongshu @ Yu xiansen Jackso was praised.

Many people call it the Qingliu in the cultural tourism town.

It was built in 1892 and grew together with the city.

If you want to experience the poetic slow life, come to the Oriental courtyard, Guishan courtyard and other Chinese courtyards in Addo town and have a rest! Picture @ rongchuang Addo town   West Coast Art Museum   In mid August, the West Coast Art Museum designed by world-class architect Jean Nouvel was officially opened in Qingdao.

Photo 1 photographer @ Tang Jie; Figure 2 @ Lu Hui’s “net red” landmark in the new era.

There are 12 exhibition halls in different forms, which are connected and relatively independent, and built near the sea.

The overall layout is spacious and bright.

The arch structure carved with pattern plays a beautifying role while bearing load.

Xiaohongshu @ Yu xiansen Jackson’s overall building is composed of a trestle and Huilan Pavilion.

Qingdao is the king of urban characteristic architecture.

It is the oldest existing brick and wood structure complex of the Ming and Qing Dynasties in Qingdao..

Figure 1 xiaohongshu @ islanders slowly; Figure 2 xiaohongshu @ Dashun   Liyuan folk house   With the turning of the chakra of time, although the German army has long been driven away, the “inner courtyard”, which skillfully combines western style foreign buildings with quadrangles, has been handed down and has become a unique residential building in Qingdao.

Picture @ West Coast Art Museum in addition, the automatic lifting ceiling for large-scale art exhibits and the controllable opening and closing aluminum plate for the building to switch the outer layer at any time are good black technology experiences.

Little red book @ the seventh rare “red tiles, green trees, blue sea and blue sky”.

As a city admired by cultural celebrities such as Shen Congwen, Ba Jin, Yu Dafu and Lao She, it has its own unique historical imprint.

Figure 1 xiaohongshu @ Dabai Qingdao; Figure 2 little red book @ eone   St.

Photo 1 xiaohongshu @ this is Yuanyuan; Fig.

Michael’s church is a masterpiece of Catholic architectural art.

Red tile eaves and yellow walls may not be as bright as before in the wind and sun.

Walking in the museum, you can feel the sea breeze and green plants while watching the exhibition, and experience the diversity and artistry of the world physically and mentally.

Little red book @ Dongchen amu   Princess building   If the building above is a man with dignity, then the princess building located in Badaguan scenic spot is a young woman with a soft smell.

Picture @ rongchuang Addo town moon sky wedding hall is the brightest white in the town.

Today, some of the old houses left behind have become classic landmarks, and some have been built into bookstores and museums to show their value in new ways.

The German army carried out urban construction here and built a large number of European buildings.

The interior of xiaohongshu @ DAPAI Qingdao adopts the decoration style of the Renaissance.

2 the wonderful trip of little red book @ squeaky is named for the planned invitation of Danish Princess to spend the summer here.

However, with the passage of years, in addition to practicality and aesthetics, it will also produce a third meaning, that is, to become the spiritual symbol of a city.” – Zhang Ning starts to understand a national culture from its city, and more understanding of the city starts from architecture.

Photo @ rongchuang Addo town rises in the sun and stops at sunset.

Photo @ rongchuang Addo town is not only a building, but also a beautiful living space.


Figure 1 little red book @77i shopping and eating; Fig.


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