Publicity of “black list” rectification of dust control in civilized construction of construction projects in Wuxing District

If the rectification is refused or still not in place, our bureau will cooperate with relevant departments to carry out administrative punishment or publicity of bad behavior.

The specific rectification is announced as follows:   Pictures that can scroll up and down, long press the QR code to follow us..

The 3D printing production base project (phase II) of Huzhou Guoqian Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., the construction unit Jiangsu xingminda Construction Engineering Co., Ltd.

However, the remediation efforts of individual projects are not enough, and there is a lack of long-term remediation measures.

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Publicity on the rectification of “black list” of dust control in civilized construction of construction projects in Wuxing district (October 8 to October 15)   According to the recent inspection, the housing and Urban Rural Development Bureau of the “black list” project in the previous period has looked back.

are hereby warned.

It is hoped that the project will strengthen dust control and actively implement various dust control measures.

There are still some problems, such as serious ash accumulation on the road, some fences are not set, a large amount of construction waste is not cleaned in time, and some spraying is not opened.

Most construction sites attach great importance to the implementation of dust control, and have been rectified in place in accordance with relevant requirements.

and the supervision unit Zhejiang Hongtai Engineering Management Co., Ltd.


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