Press briefing | Ministry of housing and urban rural development: vigorously develop prefabricated buildings and cultivate a number of

Securities Times: in the past 2021, the second-hand housing market in Shenzhen has cooled rapidly, and the cooling of the housing market in the once most popular school district is more obvious..

Securities Times: Softbank group plans to expand the Japanese investment team of its “vision fund”, increase employees and strengthen transaction matching, which means that Softbank’s investment focus may quietly shift to Japan.

Securities Daily: in 2022, banks’ enthusiasm for issuing interbank certificates of deposit will not decrease.

on January 24, the purchase of foreign exchange has been suspended to reduce market volatility.

Build a standardized design and production system for prefabricated buildings, promote the intelligent upgrading of production and construction, expand the use scale of standardized components and parts, and improve the comprehensive benefits of prefabricated buildings.

Actively promote the application of assembly decoration in commercial housing projects, promote pipeline separation and integrated decoration technology, promote integrated modular building components, and promote the deep integration of assembly decoration and prefabricated buildings.

Among them, “promoting the virtuous circle and healthy development of the real estate industry through urban implementation”, “strengthening the construction of indemnificatory rental housing” and “meeting the reasonable housing needs of home buyers” have become key words.

Financial Associated Press: Chen Chunjiang, director of the Department of foreign investment management of the Ministry of Commerce, said at a press conference on the 25th that the catalogue of industries encouraging foreign investment will be revised and expanded in 2022, give full play to the effects of preferential policies such as land and taxation, and guide more foreign investment in advanced manufacturing, modern services, high and new technology, green and low-carbon, digital economy and other fields and the central and western regions.

3、 The central government will continue to increase transfer payments to local governments, promote the sinking of financial resources to the grass-roots level of cities and counties, and avoid local discounts on tax cuts and fees due to lack of financial resources.

At present, about 75 million KW has been started.

According to the government of Tonga, telephone communication between islands remains a major challenge, but some islands are using radio for communication and a new radio station is being established.

As of January 23, more than 200 banks have issued the issuance plan and announcement of interbank certificates of deposit in 2022, among which small and medium-sized banks such as urban commercial banks and rural commercial banks are the main force of interbank certificates of deposit issuance.

Ministry of housing and urban rural development: print and distribute the “14th five year plan” for the development of construction industry, and put forward to vigorously develop prefabricated buildings.

However, after the opening of the Asian market on Tuesday, US stock futures and the stock market are still in a state of shock, indicating that the market is still very wary of the regional situation.

At present, the United States accounts for 42%, Europe 28% and China 15% of Softbank’s portfolio.

The industry said that in the future, all localities will take promoting the virtuous cycle and healthy development of the real estate industry as the goal of implementing policies according to the city, and the flexibility of implementing policies according to the city will be improved.

We are paying close attention to the market situation and have tools to avoid threats to market stability.

Central Bank of Russia: since 3 p.m.

2、 Continue to implement the tax reduction and fee reduction measures to support small and micro enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households that expire at the end of 2021, so as to further alleviate the operating pressure of small and micro enterprises.

China Securities Network for real estate observation: since January 2022, the local two sessions have been held successively, and the local real estate regulation policies have been further clarified.

In the shadow of geographical impact, the European stock index, which closed earlier, showed a trend of “the closer it is to Moscow, the greater the decline” on Monday, while the US stock market triggered an influx of bottom reading funds and staged a super rebound with the news of the Russia Ukraine Paris talks.

Shanghai Sunshine pharmaceutical procurement network: released the document of centralized drug procurement in the Yangtze River Delta (Shanghai, Zhejiang and Anhui) alliance area, and Shanghai, Zhejiang and Anhui reached an agreement to officially carry out centralized drug procurement in the Yangtze River Delta (Shanghai, Zhejiang and Anhui) alliance area.

International economic trends financial news agency: in the last few days of January 2022, the situation in Russia and Ukraine, which had been deadlocked for a long time, suddenly escalated, superimposing the gateway of the Federal Reserve’s interest rate meeting, which greatly stimulated the risk aversion in the financial market.

Vigorously promote the application of prefabricated buildings, actively promote the construction of high-quality steel structure housing, and encourage schools, hospitals and other public buildings to give priority to the use of steel structure.

According to the industry, interbank certificates of deposit is one of the important tools for banks to manage their active liabilities.

However, with several setbacks in overseas investment, Softbank may need to diversify its investment in the future.

CCTV news: nearly 85% of Tonga’s population was affected by the volcanic eruption and tsunami last weekend.

After the Russian central bank took action, the decline of the ruble against the US dollar was controlled.

Issuing interbank certificates of deposit will help expand the financing channels of banking institutions and improve the ability of banks to manage their active liabilities.

At present, the cumulative installed capacity has reached 26.38 million KW, ranking first in the world; The highlights of distributed photovoltaic development are prominent, with an annual new installed capacity of about 29.2 million KW, accounting for about 55% of the new installed capacity of photovoltaic; The construction of the first batch of about 100 million KW large-scale wind power photovoltaic base projects has been steadily promoted.

Cultivate a number of prefabricated construction production bases.

A total of 47 varieties participated in the alliance’s centralized purchase, including oral normal release dosage forms, injections, tablets, granules, etc.

The road to reconstruction is long, and many areas lack the necessities of life.

National Energy Administration: in 2021, the newly installed capacity of wind power and photovoltaic power generation in China will reach 101 million KW, including 47.57 million kw of wind power and 52.97 million kw of photovoltaic power generation.

4、 We will resolutely crack down on tax evasion and tax fraud, and resolutely stop arbitrary collection of fees.

Lifting Anchor

Ministry of Finance: in 2022, we will implement new and greater combined tax cuts and fee reductions according to the needs of market subjects, mainly from four aspects.

1、 We will strengthen the retention, deduction and refund of value-added tax, improve the policy of adding and deducting R & D expenses, promote investment in equipment upgrading and technological transformation of manufacturing enterprises, and promote industrial transformation and upgrading.

From the perspective of development, offshore wind power has sprung up in 2021, with an additional installed capacity of 16.9 million KW, 1.8 times the total installed capacity previously.

The purchase stipulated in the budget will be restarted according to market conditions.


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