Preliminary building | dormitory mapping

After copying and mapping, the students’ mentality of doing surveying and mapping homework is like: because they are familiar with the drawing specifications (see copying and drawing push for details), this drawing will be finished soon! But is it really that simple? (no!) so let’s talk about the points needing attention in surveying and mapping operation.

The ruler below the elevation expansion drawing shall mark the width of each elevation (it is better to mark doors and windows) 3.

The width of the wall between the two dormitories shall be measured in the dormitory plan (it shall be measured in the dormitory next door, and then reduced by the total length), The general ruler is to mark the length between the center lines of the walls on both sides.

The data that cannot be represented can be marked nearby with a small ruler.

He Junyu, Chen Zhenzhen, Lin Tianyue, Su Lin, Liu Yunying, Ma Wenwei, Huang Yi, Wu Zirui, Xu qiuhao, Fu Danhong, Jiang Liwen, Xu Zhaoqi, song Yiming.


The elevation of staircase section drawing shall be (the same as the plan) 4.


The square brick floor is generally pasted with a wall painting, and the peripheral line section is required to start out, and the marked dimensions are in mm.

3 notes for surveying and mapping 1.

270 * 10 = 2700) Surveying and mapping notes 2.

Dormitory plan / staircase plan 1.

-OCT, 212021 surveying and mapping evaluation dormitory surveying and Mapping – the second drawing operation of 20 urban planners came in a hurry just after surveying and mapping (along with literature review, local translation and reading report).

The stair case ruler shall be marked with the height of the step (the same as the plan).

Socket Data Clip

There is no need to draw a hollow symbol for the hollow inside the stair handrail (personal lesson, hereby remind!!!!!) 6.

Mark the north arrow (25mm diameter) 5.

Editor / US editor: Su Lin figure source: 20 families of urban planning..

Generally, the plan is obtained by cutting at 1.2m ~ 1.5m above the floor level of the selected floor (the cutting symbol is from bottom left to top right, and the ends of both sides are required) 3.

Remember to draw a section symbol in the section drawing of the stairwell 7.

Note that the height difference of three decimal places is marked in meters (the last one is rounded): the height difference of the first entrance in the dormitory is 0.000; The standard floor of the staircase takes the floor level of this floor as h, and the specific height of the first floor and the top floor shall be calculated to calculate the elevation.

The scale of 1:30 is more suitable for excellent operation.


The outermost circle of dormitory elevation expansion drawing shall be appropriately thickened, and the center line between adjacent elevations shall also be appropriately thickened (or thinner than the thick line) 2.

Dormitory elevation expansion drawing / staircase section drawing 1.


Surveying and mapping precautions 1.

The width of the stair step should be marked in detail on the ruler in the plan of the stairwell (e.g.

The building structure above should be projected down and represented by a dotted line (mainly beams, and the door opening above the door does not need to be projected (no line is drawn)) 8.



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