Online training of “new standard” of construction qualification

Under the background of the current round of qualification new deal reform, study and judge the reform trend of qualification policies of construction engineering enterprises and the response plans of enterprises at all levels.

Analysis of the notice on strengthening the project information warehousing management of the integrated construction market supervision platform; 3.

Filing and reporting process and system reporting requirements of other provinces and cities in the information system of construction enterprises under the new situation.

It is also an important means for the government to regulate the market and guide the healthy and standardized development of the industry.


The relevant matters are hereby notified as follows:   1、 Training content     (1) Circular of the State Council on deepening the reform of “separation of certificates and licenses” and further stimulating the development vitality of market subjects 1.

In the context of the new deal reform, how can enterprises better enhance their competitiveness and better achieve a smooth transition? In order to help enterprises timely understand the revision and changes of “new standards” for qualification, so as to enable enterprises to correctly understand and make qualification planning in advance.

(4) Explanation on matters related to the transition period before the implementation of the new qualification regulations (V) combing and analyzing the adjustment of qualification policies and simplification of assessment indicators by the Ministry of housing and urban rural development in recent years (VI) explanation on reform measures such as relaxing access restrictions, delegating approval authority, optimizing approval services and strengthening in-process and post supervision (VII) interpretation of hot spots of mutual recognition of design and construction qualifications in combination with EPC management measures (8) Interpretation of the policy of informing commitment system for qualification approval of national construction enterprises and analysis of key points of on-site verification (IX) explanation on four warehouses and one platform 1.

The performance system supplemented by enterprises of the four databases and one platform must be level D; 4.

Analysis on the pilot notice on decentralization of qualification approval authority of construction engineering enterprises; 4.

Help enterprises correctly understand policies and plan relevant qualifications in advance.

Put forward six reform measures on the reform plan for qualification management system of construction engineering enterprises; 3.

The number of enterprise qualification categories and grades has been reduced from 593 to 245, and many qualifications have been cancelled and merged.

Vigorously promote the simplification of examination and approval procedures for the qualification reform of construction enterprises of the Ministry of housing and urban rural development; 2.

Many reform measures will bring great changes to the construction industry.

How to focus on the upgrading of enterprise qualification It is necessary to do a good job of enterprise performance warehousing; 5.

Qualification application form under the condition of electronic application I.

Detailed explanation of the requirements and examination points for the preparation of application materials for special grade of general construction contractor and grade a qualification of corresponding industry design.

It is also an important measure for the competent construction administrative department to assess the personnel quality, management level, capital quantity, business ability, and quality of construction enterprises, survey and design units and engineering supervision units engaged in construction activities Technical equipment is a management means for review and capability confirmation.

Fixing Socket Cross Hole

(10) analyze common problems and high-frequency error points in the qualification reporting process of construction enterprises in combination with cases to improve the passing rate of qualification reporting (XI) explanation of specific operations of enterprise qualification reorganization, merger and division under the situation (XII) Analysis of key points of highway qualification examination (XIII) precautions and problems faced by enterprises on how to avoid dynamic verification (XIV) qualification application skills and examination points of construction engineering enterprises 1.

On December 2, 2020, the Ministry of housing and urban rural development officially issued the reform plan for qualification management system of construction engineering enterprises.

Explain the important measures to deepen the reform of “release, management and service”, optimize the business environment and strengthen in-process and post event supervision; (2) Introduction to the revised content of the new qualification standard for construction enterprises (Draft for comments) (III) in-depth interpretation of the qualification management reform scheme 1.

Newly revised “four warehouses and one platform” Operation guidance, filling in of important indicators, key assessment points and precautions of information systems such as construction enterprise database, personnel database, performance database and integrity database; 2.

Click the blue words above to pay attention to our notice on the revised content introduction of the “new standard” for qualification management of construction engineering enterprises and the “online” special training courses on qualification application planning, reorganization and separation   All relevant units: the qualification of construction enterprises is the basic threshold and essential element for enterprises to engage in business activities.

Qualification application and approval process of construction enterprises; 3.

Beijing CSCEC political research information consulting center is scheduled to hold a “special training course on the revision of the ‘new standard’ for qualification management of construction engineering enterprises and the planning, reorganization and separation of qualification application” in Qingdao in September 2021.

Qualification is the “pass” for enterprises to participate in market competition and an important embodiment of enterprise strength.

The training objects are leaders of local construction competent departments and relevant industry associations, general managers and deputy general managers of construction enterprises, responsible for qualification supervisors and relevant specialists.

Recently, the “new standard” for qualification management of construction engineering enterprises has been revised, and a draft for comments has been formulated.

Charging standard of training fee: 2800 yuan / person and 200 yuan / person for member units (fees include conference fees, venue fees, data fees and taxes) scan QR code and follow us for more information..


Qualification reform is related to the overall development of the industry.

key points for filling in the qualification application system and preparing the attached materials; 2.

Training time and place: October 22-23, 2021.

(XV) Conduct on-site communication and Q & A on the questions raised by enterprises.

Analysis of the qualification management system reform scheme for construction engineering enterprises; 2.



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