Ongoing | Construction hacker: oil platform design competition

“Building hacker – oil platform” is one of the “energy” theme competitions of NonArchitecture.

This will enable a field that formulates solutions according to the tradition to be repeatedly defined in the self-designating system.

This is a new world with opportunities that architects have never challenged.

The concepts presented can freely explore different interpretations of this theme in a critical way, from practical proposals to more anti-utopian or utopian ideas.

As the theme of life after the oil age, designers can freely decide whether their plans only focus on the exterior design or interior design of structures.

Archi-HackOilPlatform isone of the NonArchitecture “Energy” Competitions.

Shuttering Props

This is a world full of unexplored design and countless possibilities.

If it is found, it will expand and permanently change the boundaries of the definition of architecture.

This time, we challenge all designers to imagine and design a future use for the industrial structure that has lost its original function – the oil platform.

All competitions focus on solving major problems in the future and seek unconventional methods in the work of architects.

In the near future, oil and its derivatives are expected to be completely replaced by renewable energy that can be used by everyone.

They are either dismantled or we can imagine their future use.

There is only one fixed requirement: the scheme must consider the reuse of oil platforms.

The competition in the second stage is divided into 9+1 themes: a research ecosystem with the goal of “exploring each theme from different perspectives”.

The NonArchitecture competition aims to find unconventional and unexplored design solutions in the field of architecture.

This is an infinite research field, including all non-architectural things.

We can think of “architecture” as everything that has been designed or built.

In this sense, many industrial structures will lose their original functions.

SUMMARYWecanconsider“architecture”everythingthathasalreadybeendesignedand/orbuilt.Thatwoulddefinearealmofconventionalsolutions,oftenrepeatedinaself-referentialsystem.Weimaginedacounterpart,a“nonarchitecture”.Aworldofunexploreddesignsandcountlesspossibilities,thatiffound, couldenlargeandchangepermanentlytheboundariesofarchitecture.Auniverseofchancesandopportunitiesneverchallengedbyarchitectsbefore.Alimitlessfieldofinvestigationthatincludeseverythingthatisnotarchitecture, yet.NonArchitectureCompetitionsaimstofindunconventionalandunexploreddesignsolutionsinthefieldofarchitecture.Thesecondphaseofcompetitionsisstructuredin9+1themes:aResearchEcosystemwiththepurposeofexploringeachthemefromdifferentperspectives.Allcompetitionshavetheirfocusontacklingthebigissuesoftomorrow, By seeking non-traditional approaches in the architect’s work.

The participants of this competition are required to create a design concept for the reuse of offshore platforms.

We imagine a corresponding thing, a “non architecture”.

What about all the offshore platforms built to exploit the natural resources of the earth in the last century? What better use can we imagine for these abandoned structures? How to reuse the oil platform that has been abandoned its original function at the architectural level? The submitted works can try to solve some of these problems.

The size of the project is not given, so the competition participants can make the best arrangement according to their own design.


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