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How to promote all parties to form a joint force requires continuous exploration everywhere to endow old buildings with new functions and tap new values, so as to realize co construction, sharing and win-win.

In the process of accelerating the revitalization of the ancient city, Gusu District, Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province, relies on historical and cultural relics such as ancient buildings and old houses to attract a large number of social investment…

With the profound change of urban development mode, the transformation of old buildings must better show the style of the times and respond to the proposition of the times.

The still standing “three high furnace” has become a new fashion landmark.

Through the renewal of facilities, the old buildings not only obtain the second life, but also better improve the urban functions and meet the needs of citizens.

This requires the participation of the government, enterprises and other subjects to raise funds through multiple channels.

The dilapidated courtyards in downtown areas have been transformed into cultural and creative parks after vacating; The old factory buildings next to the community have become citizens’ activity space after transformation; The old industrial plant with high energy consumption is reborn as a new urban landmark…

With the promotion of urban renewal, a number of old buildings in Beijing, such as the old plant of Shougang, show a new look, glow with new vitality and inject new vitality into the city.

Taizhou, Zhejiang Province has transformed the gate house and winery to make the “industrial rust belt” a “life show belt”.

Zhao ang photographed the 8.63 square kilometer old plant of Shougang, which is now a famous industrial element landscape park.

Urban renewal is not only a livelihood project, but also a development project.

This also shows that when cities enter the stage of stock improvement, blindly demolition and reconstruction is neither economic nor realistic, and stock optimization has great potential.

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The goal is that the output value of the park will exceed 10 billion yuan in 2022; The old buildings such as xiaoguanghan old cinema, old foreign firm and Qingqi factory in Jinan, Shandong Province have been changed into restaurants, hotels and museums to create new vitality of consumption; Revitalize resources.

Not long ago, the Ministry of housing and urban rural development issued a notice on preventing large-scale demolition and construction in the implementation of urban renewal.

The park characterized by intelligent manufacturing has taken shape.

The Shougang ski jump platform shaped like a flying ribbon is waiting for the Winter Olympic athletes to jointly write the wonderful transformation from “fire” to “ice”.

Change is around, life is better, and brings people a full sense of happiness.

Facts have proved that the transformation of old buildings can revitalize industry, promote consumption and investment, and create a new growth point in promoting high-quality development.

Pan kanjun (image China) children play in front of Industrial Relics in Shougang office area of Beijing Winter Olympic Organizing Committee.

Aiming at science and technology, Beijing Tiantan furniture factory, which used to cover an area of 200000 square meters, has continued to settle in a number of high-tech enterprises.

Like the metabolism of the human body, self-renewal is the eternal theme of the city and the source of the city’s vitality.

Some are facing the regeneration of old buildings and new buildings, while others can be retained and updated because of their special historical memory and transformation space.

From preserving industrial heritage to enriching infrastructure, from enriching consumption scenes to introducing innovative industries, and allowing more old buildings to continue their lives and rejuvenate their vitality in transformation, repair and utilization, we can inject inexhaustible kinetic energy into urban development…

At present, China’s urban development has changed from large-scale incremental construction to paying equal attention to stock quality improvement and incremental structure adjustment.

The body is replaced and the function is mended.

With the development of the times, many old buildings in the city can not play their original role.


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