Notice on the ability test of deputy senior and intermediate positions of Construction Engineering in Hubei Province in 2021

4、 Precautions (I) candidates please log in to the online newspaper platform: Hubei government service network from October 4 to 9( ), switch to “Hubei Province”, find the “characteristic service – housing construction service” below, and click “horizontal ability test registration”,.

28, Canglong Avenue, Donghu high tech Development Zone, Wuhan, Hubei Province).

Lifting Loop

Candidates: We hereby inform you of the arrangement of the ability test for the deputy senior and intermediate positions of Hubei Construction Engineering in 2021 as follows: 1.

The test time is October 10, 2021 (see the admission ticket for details).

2、 Test location: Hubei Urban Construction Vocational and Technical College (No.

3、 Information to be carried: original valid ID card, admission permit, itinerary code (those with itinerary in medium and high risk areas within 14 days and those with * on itinerary code are not allowed to enter the school), health code (those without health code, yellow or red health code are not allowed to enter the school), negative certificate of nucleic acid test within 48 hours, certificate of two injections of vaccine (or sign a health commitment for those who fail to complete vaccination due to contraindications) And the original letter of commitment for epidemic prevention and control of candidates (see the annex for the format).


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