Next year may be the most difficult year for the construction industry

Consolidate the foundation, break through difficulties, sprint before the examination, and take you through the second note.

In large design institutes, it is already a consensus that architects holding a level II certified architect certificate will give priority to promotion and salary increase.

Wei Peng, the designated editor of the official (Construction Engineering Press) textbook.

If the cold winter of the industry strikes next year and a large number of layoffs happen to you, how should you deal with it? If you are not the backbone of the enterprise and belong to the level of tool man or marginal figure, how can you survive after being laid off? There’s only one way! That’s research! Second class registered architect, why is it the first choice for architects! 01 certificate has high gold content.

In addition to the rewards / subsidies given by the unit after obtaining the certificate, as well as some other part-time income, the gold content of the certificate can be described as considerable.

from the perspective of the enterprise, there will be a relatively large systematic risk in the 18-year prosperous era, to the end of the crossbow in 19 years, to the frightened bird in 20 years, to the group of people who have been struggling in 21 years and eat high turnover dividends.

Fixing Socket Cross Pin Nail Plate

For the majority of level II registered architect candidates, I hereby recommend the “2022 level II registered architect agreement guarantee class” to you, which is personally taught by many teachers such as Mr.

Many company friends who make renderings say that there are many people who haven’t settled the renderings money last year.

Those who stay have heavier business, work harder and want to leave.

The vicious circle ▎ second, from the macro perspective, open the “three red lines” of commercial financing, then the “two red lines” of bank housing loans, and then the “centralized transfer” of land.

02 ability certificate and ability can not be completely equated, but many times, ability does need a certificate as a certificate.

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Then why did this happen? ▎ first, from the micro perspective, foreign capital with high cost has begun to reduce expenditure, and basically does not recruit people or recruitment is very slow.

According to the current market situation, the average salary of builders holding secondary certified architect certificate is about 11K, and the salary of most people is 10-15k.

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For the open merchants, before the silver age is over, the iron fist of the times will directly lie down ▎ III.

I believe we all know that the days of architectural design companies are getting harder and harder, the payment collection of projects is slow, the number of reliable projects is gradually decreasing, the company people are tight, and the salary requirements of employees are still higher as always.


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