New heat storage technology helps the ground application of “zero carbon heating” and “zero carbon building”

At present, it has entered the stage of transformation of scientific research achievements.

In addition, the research group has also carried out a number of key core technologies, including shaped micro packaging of composite phase change heat storage materials, multi-scale heat transfer enhancement of heat storage units, integration and dynamic optimization of heat storage systems, forming an advanced composite heat storage technology system in the field.

It is reported that the annual increase of industrial waste residue in China is large, but the utilization rate is low, so it is urgent to develop new ways of treatment.

The excess electric energy can not be effectively utilized and wasted.

For example, the waste heat of industrial liquid slag can reach more than 1000 ℃, while the temperature of industrial wastewater is only tens of degrees Celsius.

In the research process, the research group has made great efforts in the research and development of heat storage materials.

It is reported that Zhongke Zhihui workshop has matched the research group with an exclusive technical manager, provided services such as intellectual property and legal counsel, “CAS space” settled in office, connection between industrial resources and local market resources, further supported the project to carry out prototype development, market value verification and business model design, and provided all-round support for the early projects of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Efforts should be made to break through the bottleneck of low conversion rate of scientific research achievements…

It is an ideal carrier choice for shaped composites.

In recent years, the Institute of process engineering of the Chinese Academy of Sciences has formed a “composite heat storage technology and low-carbon energy-saving system” through tackling key core technologies.

If the’ abandoned wind power ‘is used for heating and stored, it can be used again in heating and other scenarios.

“Because the voltage level of the power supply is usually the standard voltage, but the heat storage devices are different, and the temperature range of the heat source is very wide.

“Large wind farms often encounter a problem.

The waste heat recovery rate of laboratory heating furnace in Angang is more than 65%; State Grid Liaoning company uses “abandoned wind power” to make and store heat, and then applies it to heating, with a maximum daily income of 72000 yuan / day.

The research group focused on industrial waste residue.

This puts forward higher requirements for the performance of heat storage materials,” Huang Yun said, Heat storage temperature, heat storage density and heat storage cost have become the three bottlenecks restricting the development of heat storage technology.

On the one hand, the density of heat storage materials should be increased, so as to reduce the volume of heat storage device and save floor area.

With the help of the technical manager of Zhongke Zhihui workshop, accelerate the transformation of the prototype technology of the Institute of process engineering of the Chinese Academy of sciences into mature industrial technology.

On the other hand, to reduce the cost of heat storage materials is conducive to commercial promotion.

It can effectively support application scenarios such as” zero carbon heating “and” zero carbon building “to achieve carbon peak Provide scientific and technological solutions for carbon neutralization goals.

Through experimental research, industrial waste residue usually has good thermal stability.

When it is used to synthesize heat storage materials, it can realize waste utilization, and the material cost can be greatly reduced.

Different heat collection technologies also make the thermal energy temperature of the photothermal system different.

When the wind is very strong in a certain period, a lot of electric energy is generated, resulting in the supply exceeding the demand.

Lifting Foot Anchor

The construction plan of Beijing’s international science and technology innovation center during the 14th Five Year Plan period recently released by Beijing plans the science and technology innovation ecology during the 14th Five Year Plan period with rich application scenarios and intensive system innovation.

At present, it has been pilot applied in large enterprises such as Angang Group and State Grid Liaoning company.

This not only reduces the waste, It can also create additional benefits for heating enterprises.

Beiqing – Beijing headline reporter learned that the project has participated in the “2021cas concept verification plan”.

Beiqing – Beijing headline reporter learned that a number of carbon neutral green technology application scenarios such as “zero carbon smart heating” and “zero carbon building” will be implemented in Beijing.

It becomes’ abandoned wind power ‘.

These application scenarios need high-efficiency and low-cost heat storage technology as support.

Distributed power station micro energy system (100 kW level) waste heat comprehensive utilization demonstration system (MW level) Beiqing – Beijing headline reporter learned that just as the battery can be charged and discharged, the heat storage system can store and release heat, but its technical difficulty is different from that of rechargeable battery.

“According to researcher Huang Yun, leader of the research group of” energy storage process and energy materials “in the research department of resources and chemical industry, Institute of process engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences, in recent years, heat storage technology has attracted more and more attention.


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