Network security is for the people, and network security depends on the people | the Department of construction engineering held a class

    The counselors introduced the national network security publicity day through ppt display, video learning and other ways, and then educated the students on network security from the aspects of computer internet security, mobile internet security, online shopping security, common network fraud techniques and prevention, daily network trap prevention and fraud prevention guide, and let the students remember it “Six unifications” and effectively improve the awareness of prevention.

    The holding of this theme class meeting has effectively improved the students’ network security awareness, practical ability, protection skills and network literacy, and made the students realize the importance of network security.

The students have said that they should pay attention to network traps in the future network life , beware of Telecom fraud and consciously maintain personal safety.

    In order to further cultivate young students’ awareness of healthy Internet access, Internet access according to law and civilized network protection, popularize network security knowledge and improve students’ consciousness and initiative in maintaining national network security, around the theme of “network security for the people and network security depends on the people” on the national network security Publicity Day, all classes of our department carried out a seminar on the afternoon of October 13 Class meeting on the theme of “National Cyber Security Publicity Day”.

Lifting Anchor

    At the end of the class meeting, all the students carefully studied and signed the letter of commitment to prevent network Telecom fraud, solemnly promised to continuously learn the knowledge of anti fraud, improve their vigilance against network Telecom fraud and consciously prevent Telecom fraud.

Previously, the first review of national inspirational scholarship in 2020-2021 academic year was publicized 👈 (click the hyperlink in the left figure).

The signing of the letter of commitment has also further strengthened the students’ awareness of preventing electronic fraud and improved the prevention of electronic fraud crimes.


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