Net red building vs super image building

Kwai Chung, a leading company in the world, has become a leading company in the world.

Such buildings often involve national dignity and political mission, and are destined to attract the attention of the whole society before they are born.

Both “shallow reading” and “deep reading” have their own markets in today’s Internet era, and shallow reading is the mainstream today.

For example, the bird’s nest, the main venue of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, and the venues of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games.

Tiktok and mobile phone are the essential software for mobile phones, both in the popularity of the internet article title party.

(construction Gangs: “gangs” originally refers to underworld groups, which is used here to describe the group of architects talking to themselves and forming a relatively independent and high barrier professional circle) the emergence of wanghong architecture seems to have a certain impact on the “belief rules”, which has brought new inspiration to some architects on the edge of “construction gangs”, and the erosion often occurs on the edge, The transformation of the core is still far from us.

In the context of the combination of culture and tourism, the culture infiltrating net red architecture seems to have more vitality.

They all show that the era of print media has passed, and “fast reading” has become inevitable.

Image originates from space and evolved from early totem worship.

With the growth of the network, the new generation of professional elites have no obstacles to in-depth reading with the help of electronic media.

It is under this background that art has obtained independent value and, as a substitute for religion, undertakes a “secular redemption function”——   max weber   max weber   Definition of net red building   When we talk about net red architecture, there are several key words that can’t be bypassed.

  The word “image” comes from the Latin imaago, which originally means to look like something.

The emergence of net red architecture reflects the awakening of personal consciousness, a kind of evaluation of the other.

The emergence of net red architecture is by no means accidental.

Self photographing is an excellent way for young people to experience life in a fragmented way in the Internet age.

Public traffic is the core of network red building, that is, the so-called IP.

The term “net red” initially had a derogatory value tendency in the Chinese context, which generally refers to the phenomenon that a person is widely concerned because of some characteristics being infinitely amplified by the community of interests under the Internet media.

The most vivid example is: under the supervision of the national cloud, huoshenshan hospital took only 10 days from project design to construction transaction payment.

We should know that cities never lack meaning, and meaning is often overemphasized.

“Beauty” refers to the simple processing of software to eliminate the daily complexity of the real world and simplify a specific aesthetic interest and visual style.

The top-down meaning filling will exclude and erase the meaning of the original structure itself, resulting in the impossibility of real urban life.

The trend of super image is like a tsunami across the earth.

Definition of net red architecture 03.

   The second type of national mission shows the responsibility of a big country: establish the image of a big country and highlight China’s power in a special historical period and situation.

Traditional architects seem to forget that architecture, a huge and complex material entity, is the product of social cooperation, and architects are only a link in this load of social production.

This is very dangerous.

Image originates from the real world and surpasses the real world.

Classification of net red architecture 04.

Rise of image and reverse subversion in architectural space 05.

If an architectural work is widely concerned by the public outside the profession because of some factors inside or outside the profession in the network, resulting in huge traffic, such a building is net red building.

This paper is intended to discuss some thoughts given to the author by the emergence of “net red architecture”, rather than the long criticized architectural circle barriers.

It is the inevitable product of mass network media.

Overview 02.

It is also a way to interact with each other to “create content” to achieve identity and image social needs.

When we talk about space and architecture, we are more talking about “image information of space and architecture that are not on site” than a specific settlement experience.

Selfie has a strong potential to express self emotion.

People can have timely and in-depth discussions with the help of various media (circle of friends, wechat), which also makes the media focusing on content have their own market.

With unique narrative and immersive experience, it can enhance the shaping of local sense and the cultural edification of the public.

Some thoughts on super image architecture   concept    The most remarkable invention of modern architecture is the gradual creation and evolution of a stable and quasi religious “modern architectural belief community” through self-organizing iteration.

That is, the so-called “event” vacuum beyond the real world—— “Smooth space” in current philosophy is not the mobile concept of specific geographical space in the traditional sense, but the mobile concept of abstract space in the era of global capital.

With China’s speed, it undertook the historical mission of inspiring the people and fighting against the epidemic.

In the information age, the public of different ages can have equal access to knowledge and information and express themselves relatively freely.

If you take it apart literally, it is the collective name of picture and image.

Net red buildings such as Changsha wenheyou are not very excellent in terms of architectural space, but their dissemination is far more extensive than some good works recognized in the industry.

“Shallow reading” has become the mainstream with the advent of the Internet age.

The author believes that wanghong architecture is not a professional traffic work that sympathizes with each other and likes each other in the architect circle (no matter how large the traffic in the circle is, it can be ignored relative to the public traffic; it is difficult for articles in the circle to break 10000 traffic, but public articles can easily add 100000 traffic); Nor is it a specific work with the style of “petty bourgeoisie, educated youth and cold sex”.

Just like a giant variable organism, the organic grafting of image and architecture will create unprecedented wonderful things, Are creating a new “real overflow state”.

  Snow flying (Shougang ski jumping platform)    The visual spectacle type forms the visual impact and sensory climax through the bold attempt of architectural appearance..

The English of wanghong is “social media influencer”, which is a neutral word and has no value judgment of praise or criticism.

Magnet Recess Former

  Classification of net red buildings     Cultural infiltration and cultural infiltration belong to feelings harvesting: take root in regional context, excavate urban and rural memory, and render rural charm and nostalgia with the cultural background of rural construction, rural scenery and rural flavor.

The carrier of smooth space is the “super material information” such as images, words, videos and currencies transmitted instantaneously.

Representative projects include: Creative complex represented by Changsha “super wenheyou” Lobster Restaurant; Cultural buildings represented by Jixi Museum and Xiangshan Campus of Chinese Academy of fine arts; Traditional ancient villages and tourist towns represented by Xidi Hongcun and Wuzhen.

Smooth space constitutes the basic language framework of today’s Internet world.

In this era of image flooding, image has become a dominant language and controlling logic.

  clue    01.

Self photographing is also a way of spatial participation.

This way of obtaining information by “shallow reading” indirectly leads to the rapid spread of a certain kind of characteristic things on the network.

Net red, image, smooth space, shallow reading, beauty, description, flow and other words are inseparable labels of net red architecture.

We are now in a “mixed reality” super image era.

  Construction gangs   After entering the modern society, the compulsory social hierarchy is broken, religion declines, and the value fields are gradually divided and independent of each other.

The community’s “faith and discipline” of the academic architects trained under the Bauhaus system is the root of the construction of the professional script system of the “construction gang”.

In the “different world” connected by the Internet and we media, it continues to take root, reproduce, blossom and bear fruit.

The self reproduction of super image makes it possible to iterate infinitely.

Architects often like to impose some meaning on buildings and cities.


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