My world: simply build the original God mengdefeng building, which can be built for survival, reliable and practical!

There are still some details that need to be carefully carved.

Flags can be placed at the outer end of the window, which can make the window look more tasteful and the details more in place.

Considering the height of the building, the oak columns on the first floor should be five grid high, which is helpful for the overall layout of the building.

If you want to make a door with practical value, you can improve the internal decoration and open the stone bricks in the door! As for the production of the second floor, spruce stairs can be used to connect the first floor and the second floor.

However, only one defect has not been solved – this is that these wooden doors can only be viewed but can not play their practical value.

When the trunk of a building is done well, it needs to be matched with the decoration of branches and leaves to make it more beautiful, more reductive and have the architectural characteristics of a free city-state.

For the production of the roof, it can be modeled on medieval architecture.

The combination of the two textures can make up for the inherent shortcomings of the MC blocks and make the wooden doors look more beautiful and realistic.

Here, take Monde’s medieval architecture as the theme and imitate the buildings of free city states with the beliefs of countless players! Before making the building, the bottom structure of the building needs to be simply made.

At the same time, such flag layout can also give other players yearning for the interior decoration of the building.

Perhaps this is the architectural charm of wind and pastoral city states.

If there are certain conditions, we can use smooth stones as building materials and extend them appropriately from inside to inside.

It gives people a feeling of top heavy..

As for the third floor of the building, the same square as the second floor can be used as the wall layout.

If you want to increase the height, you can also expand the building area and enlarge the building proportion! As for the lower wall production, it can be simply made of round stones or stone bricks.

Of course, it can also be considered from the perspective of conservatism.

After the window is made, preparations for the connection between the third floor and the second floor are started.

Fine and compact white ceramic tiles can be used as wall decoration here.

Too many windows will make the building messy and destroy the original beauty.

If it presents a geometric shape, it is not much different from the matchbox.

The stone brick is dim, but its texture is more beautiful than that of round stone.

In this country of wind and pastoral songs, most of the buildings are copied from the buildings in the free city states in the middle ages of the West.

Because the texture of the blocks in the original MC failed to meet the texture requirements of the wooden door buildings in the free city-state, wooden barrels and oak trap doors can be used to replace them to a certain extent, so as to enhance the sense of substitution of the building.

The dark trap door and the white exterior wall play a good matching role, which can make the whole building more atmospheric and beautiful.

Before that, it is still necessary to simply improve the second layer.

Of course, the color of window glass and flag can be selected according to their preferences, but the color is preferably light color.

Therefore, there is a strong medieval flavor in Monde.

Let the pure window also add a lot of color.

If you want to open a stone door at the bottom of the building, the best way to build it is to make a circular arch of smooth stone, which can make the shape of the building more beautiful.

If we refer to daowife updated in original God 2.0 and Liyue in previous versions, its architectural style tends to East Asian architecture.

Due to the structural proportion, the height of the second floor is better with six grids, in order to make the color matching more beautiful and more suitable for the country of wind.

Of course, in the open-air balcony, wooden bars can be placed for decoration.

In addition to the stone arch, if there are certain materials, the oak joint can also be properly trimmed to make the building more beautiful.

For the third floor, it is best not to repeat or contradict the wall structure with the first floor and the second floor.

Here, we choose crystal (glass) to make windows.

Furthermore, it is more practical, more eye-catching, more suitable for survival needs and practical application.

In fact, for such buildings, the roof can be more prominent.

The dark oak trap door can be placed at the second grid up on the second floor to give the building unique structural decoration.

As for the horizontal layout, wooden piles with three grid intervals can also be used.

As for the production of wooden doors, we can continue the method of making stone arches.

Upgrade from simple wood and stone mixed houses to high-end clean wall decoration.

Oak with white stained ceramic tiles can instantly sublimate the style of the building.

Flat End Socket Cross Pin

Due to the lighting demand of the building, we can also open windows around the building appropriately, but the number of windows should be less.

But if the roof is too flat, it will cause the overall imbalance of the building.

One type is national style architecture, and the other type is East Asian island architecture.

This can make the building more hierarchical.

In this way, the structural beauty of the building can be enriched, and a little depression and prominence can make the whole building no longer silent due to ordinary.

As for the connection between the two floors, we can imitate the small part of Liyue style building – bucket arch, which conforms to the mechanical theorem and is of great help to the whole building.

If you want to enjoy the scenery outside the building, opening a window is a good choice.

For longer places, the spacing between wooden columns can be five squares and one.

The advantage of round stone is that the tone is clear, and the contrast with wood tone is more obvious.

If the color is too dark, it will have a certain impact on the white wall.

There is no big problem to properly lower the slope and height of the roof.

After the wall is made, it can not be regarded as the complete completion of the lower part of the building.

Monde is one of the seven city states in the original God, and its theme is wind.

For the wooden pile decoration, it is generally not too regular.


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