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You can also have a sense of participation.

The kitchen waterproof can be 30cm higher than the table top, and the sink area can be 5cm higher.

Case sharing ❖ Simple and hard decoration, artistic furniture, pure and natural, quiet and healing.

All-inclusive: generally in the form of set meal.

Waterproofing is not done well, so it needs to be done again; 2.

The designer will plan the space according to your family’s living habits, and more importantly, it can help you make it bigger and better within your budget.

Precautions for waterproof: 1.

Does Meisew have to do it? We must do it! Without making beautiful seams, the expansion joints will become the best place for dust and impurities.


It is recommended to remove it and make it again; 3.

He graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Arts in 2001, went to Tsinghua and Milan for further study, and founded a design office in 2014.

Generally, integrated ceiling and aluminum gusset are used more.

It is not only difficult to clean, but also easy to breed bacteria, especially in places with plenty of water such as kitchen and bathroom, and also easy to accumulate water.

However, before paving, check whether the floor tiles have hollows.

Do I have to hire a designer? There is a big difference between answering and not asking.

You may not pay attention to the details, which will affect the overall living experience.

Half package: the decoration company is responsible for the auxiliary materials and labor, and the designer and foreman are responsible for the overall control.

If there are many hollows, it is recommended to remove them; In addition, if the floor drop exceeds 3mm, it shall be leveled again, otherwise the floor will be unstable.


Fixing Socket Angular End

The design magnates will show up with their own teams to make the design more thorough and make the home decoration no longer complicated.

The balcony floor needs to be made completely, and the wall can be upgraded completely by making 30cm.

Is it better to lay bricks or floors after making floor heating? The first choice is floor tile, which has better thermal conductivity.

Design style: perfect combination of function, humanity, simplicity and natural elements.

He has participated in the design of more than one thousand projects since his employment.

Ask me if I want to replace the floor tile after the floor tile was laid? Answer: If you don’t mind compressing the floor height, you can lay the floor directly on the floor tile, which also saves the leveling step.

Do you want to shovel off the decoration wall of the old house? Yes! The original wall surface is prone to pulverization if it is too long.

The wet area is recommended to be the top, at least not less than 1.8m, and the dry area should be more than 30cm.

Check whether the water pipe buried in the wall is leaking.

Does hydropower transformation have to be done? Do it! Because everyone’s living habits are different, the original design cannot be satisfied, so the transformation is inevitable.

Flooring: Solid wood flooring has a better overall feeling, but its price is high.

How to select floor tiles and floors? Answer: The guest restaurant is recommended to choose vitrified tiles and polished tiles, which are more wear-resistant; The kitchen and bathroom are recommended to use glazed tiles, which are dirt resistant and anti-slip Note: floor tiles can be used as wall tiles, but wall tiles cannot be used as floor tiles.

Water-resistant putty is not used.

So far, customers are very satisfied with the design cases they have completed, which is the so-called “trust of others, beauty of others”, Zhong Yongtong has also been adhering to the design with a professional and dedicated attitude! Yuan Keben, the founder of Chinese architecture, has been engaged in interior decoration design for 21 years.


There are dry and wet areas in the bathroom.

Can the kitchen and bathroom not do the ceiling? Answer: In order to save floor height, ceiling can not be used in other spaces, but kitchen and bathroom must be used, which can not only cover the ugly, but also block oil smoke and water vapor.


Since her employment, Yuan Ke has always adhered to the concept of “spring is the best, autumn harvest is the best, the beginning is the best, and the quality is the best”, upgrading the design work from a career to a career, and integrating love and perseverance.

The upper part of the washbasin and bathtub should also be made, which should be 30cm away from the functional area.

If it is not removed, it will affect the subsequent construction, resulting in peeling and other problems.

Which places should be waterproof and what should be paid attention to? The kitchen, bathroom and balcony must be done! Other spaces can be selected.

We hope to use simple and warm design language to create a rational, practical and natural aesthetic space for homeowners.

Ordinary families can choose solid wood composite flooring, which has high cost performance and good comfort.

Package cleaning: all materials are responsible for themselves, and workers need a lot of energy to be responsible for construction.

He has won the 2019 “4040 Outstanding Youth in Chinese Design” and the “Gold Award for Office Space of the Ninth Nesting Award”.

If you don’t invite designers, you can ignore items 1 and 4.

Are you worried about these problems? Answer: I would like to tell you the difference between the three methods: 1.

If you waste money or waste waist, you can choose it yourself.

Ask to simplify the ceiling.

If you don’t invite a designer, you will have to invest a lot of time.

When selecting materials, attention should be paid to waterproof, fireproof and moisture-proof.

In addition, an access hole shall be reserved on the ceiling to facilitate later maintenance.


If you want to play better, you need to increase the price, but it saves time and worry.

You can also use the floor, but you need to choose the floor for floor heating.

Why are some walls of kitchen and bathroom peeling and moldy? Answer: There are many reasons for this situation: 1.

The guest of this Sunday’s “My Home Is Renovating” program, Benzhong Architectural Designer – Zhong Yongtong, Benzhong Architectural Designer, Benzhong Architectural Design Firm Chief Designer, graduated from Shenyang University of Technology and a member of Shenyang Interior Design Association, has completed more than 200 design projects in the design and creation of 14 years to date.

Special attention should be paid to the layout of the socket switch.

What is the general process of decoration? Answer/check out – 1 invite designers – 2 find decoration companies – 3 clarify residential needs – 4 draw up plans – 5 finish construction – 6 install main materials – 7 reclaim land and clean – 8 enter furniture/soft decoration – 9 ventilate and check in.

It is difficult to change it after each design is completed in the early stage.

Meisew can be made by others or by yourself.

△ Teacher Cheng Yue will accompany you to decorate your new home.

The program “My home is being renovated” will be completely upgraded in 2023.


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