Municipal Bureau of Commerce and Foreign Economic Association went to Zhongnan Construction overseas company to investigate foreign aid work

At the survey meeting, general manager Mao Hongtao made a report on the overall overseas business development of the company in 2021, introduced the difficulties and solutions encountered by overseas projects under the impact of the global epidemic situation, the situation of overseas cadres and workers grasping both local national defense and epidemic production, and discussed the market opportunities, national mission, enterprise development Put forward reasonable suggestions on management measures.

He stressed that the implementation of foreign aid projects is to complete the mission entrusted by the state on behalf of the country, with great political responsibility.

Huang Liuchun, member of the Party group and deputy director of the Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Chen Wei, director of the foreign economic department, yuan Minmin, deputy director of the foreign labor service center, Yan Ruqi, deputy director, Wang Jiabing, Secretary General of the Foreign Economic Association, Mao Hongtao, general manager of Zhongnan construction overseas company, Zhang Lei, deputy general manager of the market, Xu Yongqing, assistant general manager, pan Lin, assistant general manager and director of the general affairs office, etc.

At the same time, in view of the practical difficulties encountered by enterprises in overseas operation, it puts forward assistance and solutions.

Assistant General Manager Xu Yongqing reported on the performance of the expansion, upgrading and reconstruction project of the National Institute of public health in Mauritania and the strict implementation of local epidemic prevention and control policies.

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It is required that the funds of foreign aid projects should be earmarked for special purposes, and the smooth performance of the projects must be guaranteed.

However, Zhongnan Construction can try to overcome difficulties and ensure quality assurance and do a good job in project construction, which reflects the responsibility of private enterprises.

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to investigate the project construction and epidemic prevention and control in Mauritania.

On January 18, the Municipal Bureau of Commerce and the Foreign Economic Association went to Zhongnan Construction overseas Co., Ltd.

With the increasing overseas epidemic, foreign economic enterprises are generally facing the dual pressure of overseas safety prevention and control and shrinking business volume.

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attended the discussion.

Deputy director Huang Liuchun affirmed the achievements made by Zhongnan Construction overseas company in foreign aid work.


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