Mourn teacher Chen Zhihua! He spent the rest of his life protecting local buildings

In the early 1990s, the road traffic conditions were relatively poor.

This is not a big talk or empty talk.

After more than 30 years of local building protection, only in these two years did someone begin to take care of Chen Zhihua, and Tsinghua is also willing to allocate some funds.

They want to leave as much information as possible before the local buildings disappear.

He has died.” In the past, Chen Zhihua often went to the countryside and ran around the ancient villages all over the country.

The whole society has no culture!” Chen Zhihua sighed deeply from time to time.

On the tea table is the open miscellaneous notes of the North window, with three thick works of architectural theory.

In order to investigate and protect ancient villages, Chen Zhihua needed to run around the country and suffered all kinds of hardships.

They all became beggars.

Making fun of the theory shows that you have no ability to make money.

“People have protected buildings for more than 200 years.

But they were very enthusiastic and gave us food..

He graduated from the Department of architecture of Tsinghua University in 1952 and stayed in his alma mater to teach.

Investigation in the countryside has repeatedly encountered difficulties.

We stayed in this inn for a week.

“Talk about making money now.

Their heads were smaller than normal people, and they just looked scared.

Every day, you can only turn over the books and change the articles.” Waving his reading glasses in his hand, he said he had a problem, that is, he wanted to pursue perfection in everything and wanted to look at the shortcomings of these books again.

Now he goes less.

When I saw him again this time, it seemed that he was still hale and hearty and spoke clearly, but he would laugh every few words, his eyes narrowed into small cracks, and there was no happiness in his laughter, which was full of wordless bitterness, heartache and helplessness.

He was once used as a spy.

“I still want to go to the countryside this year.

“In the past, no one paid any attention to it.

At the beginning, everyone thought they were crazy.

The memory of the brain is bad.

In these years, he has witnessed the disappearance of too many ancient villages in China, but there is nothing he can do.

Several provinces want to go, but my wife disagrees a little.

Liang Sicheng, head of the Department.

Building protection is not worth money in our industry.” Chen Zhihua was teaching foreign architectural history at Tsinghua University, but after retirement, he was determined to engage in the investigation and protection of local buildings, which can be described as an old reform.

There was a village in Shaanxi that was a dwarf village.

“The old British gentleman also gave us some money.

I have visited him twice, and I am deeply moved every time.

Editor’s note: according to the WeChat official account of the school of architecture, Tsinghua University, Chen Zhihua, a famous architect, architectural educator, and professor of architecture at Tsinghua University, died of illness because of his illness.

“The body is getting worse day by day.

A magazine in Taiwan published their research articles and gave them royalties, but did not sign their names.

He went to Xinye village in Zhejiang in spring and Zhuge village in Zhejiang in summer.

He has been engaged in the protection of local buildings for more than 30 years.

Here I forward the article about Mr.

Since 1989, Chen Zhihua, Lou Qingxi and Li Qiuxiang have brought a group of students to the countryside every spring and autumn.

They often eat and live in the villagers’ homes.

Chen Zhihua said, “in the past, the conditions were very difficult, but Chinese farmers were particularly good.

Now some people advocate protecting ancient villages and shout for protection first.” He said with a wry smile that at least some people have realized the value of local architecture.

Chen Zhihua, 86, lives in heqingyuan community near Tsinghua University.

Someone will know us one day.” Chen Zhihua also raised his finger to the picture of a foreigner on the bookshelf.

I think it’s ridiculous.” He said that when he retired, he hurried to engage in local things in China.

They often took tractors instead of roads, but tractor roads.

Immediately, Chen Zhihua mocked himself, “we have a lot of money in the construction industry.

They climb mountains and mountains.

He died in Beijing at 19 in the evening of January 20, 2022, and was 92 years old.

We’re willing to do it without signature.

Fixing Socket Waved End Nail Plate

After Chen Zhihua’s death, only two or three media sent short messages, just like the local buildings he protected in the last 30 years of his life, which did not attract much attention.

Chen Zhihua written before.

He has the responsibility of an old-fashioned intellectual.

It’s full of rotten mud on rainy days, but it’s full of smoke and dust when it doesn’t rain.

Chen Zhihua: if the local buildings are not protected, they will be gone.

But he still went to the countryside three times last year.

The living room of his family is also a study.

The bookshelves on all sides are filled with books and materials on architecture, as well as several group photos of him and local farmers when he went to the countryside to investigate the ancient village.

Once I lived in a supply and marketing cooperative’s Inn in Guangdong and found that I lived with beggar.

At least the food, housing and transportation have been solved.

I would like to express my condolences! Biography: Chen Zhihua, Professor, School of architecture, Tsinghua University, was born in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province in 1929.

Now when Chen Zhihua is free every day, he will sit on the sofa in the living room, with his back to the window and read word by word.

He has published miscellaneous notes of the North window, 20 lectures on foreign ancient architecture, a preliminary study of Chinese local architecture, etc., and edited the series of Chinese heritage local architecture.

At night, there are insects on the wall and mice under the bed.

When it comes to why he should spare no effort to protect local buildings, he replied, “I am worthy of the Chinese nation”.

An aunt in the library of Tsinghua Architecture Department sympathized with them and gave Chen Zhihua two yuan in exchange for selling old books and newspapers every week.

For him, it is a real action.

“At that time, everyone thought we were crazy and no one supported the protection of local buildings.

The school didn’t give a penny and thought you deserved it.” Chen Zhihua said with a wry smile that at that time, they had no funds and almost starved to death when they went to the countryside for investigation.

It depends on my health.” He smiled and said that now the conditions for going to the countryside are much better.

Since 1989, he has started the investigation and research of local architecture.

He studied in the Department of Sociology of Tsinghua University in 1947 and transferred to the Construction Department of Tsinghua University in 1949.

“We can’t help it.

When he met him in the office of Tsinghua Institute of architecture in 2007, he talked about the protection of local buildings and burst into tears.

We went out to investigate the village during the day and came back at night to sort out the materials.

We haven’t started the protection of local buildings, but I’m talking about Greek and Roman buildings.


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