Ministry of Construction: management measures for side station supervision of housing construction engineering (for Trial Implementation)

  Article 9 the on-site supervision record is an important basis for the supervision engineer or the chief supervision engineer to exercise the relevant signing right according to law.

  Article 11 The competent construction administrative department shall strengthen the supervision and inspection of on-site supervision, notify the supervision enterprises and relevant supervisors who fail to implement on-site supervision in accordance with these measures, order them to make rectification, and record them in the credit files of the enterprises and relevant personnel as bad records; If the circumstances are serious, it shall be determined as unqualified during the annual qualification inspection, and its qualification level shall be re verified according to the next qualification level; In addition to punishing the relevant responsible units according to law, the corresponding responsibilities of the supervision enterprise and relevant supervisors shall be investigated according to law.

  Article 5 under the guidance of the chief supervision engineer, the on-site supervision personnel shall be responsible for the specific implementation of on-site supervision.

  Article 12 the construction site supervision of other projects can be implemented with reference to these measures.

  Article 4 according to the on-site supervision scheme formulated by the supervision enterprise, the construction enterprise shall notify the project supervision organization dispatched by the supervision enterprise in writing 24 hours before the construction of key parts and key processes requiring on-site supervision.

  Article 13 These Measures shall enter into force as of January 1, 2003.

If the on-site supervisor and the on-site quality inspector of the construction enterprise do not sign on the on-site supervision record (see Annex), the construction of the next process shall not be carried out.

  Article 8 when performing on-site supervision, if the on-site supervisors find that the construction enterprise has violated the mandatory standards for project construction, they have the right to order the construction enterprise to rectify immediately; If it is found that its construction activities have endangered or may endanger the project quality, it shall be reported to the supervising engineer or the chief supervising engineer in time, and the chief supervising engineer shall issue a local suspension order or take other emergency measures.

Annex: record of on-site supervision (omitted)..

After the completion acceptance of the project, the supervision enterprise shall file the on-site supervision records for future reference.

  Article 2 the term “on-site supervision of housing construction engineering construction” (hereinafter referred to as on-site supervision) as mentioned in these Measures refers to the on-site supervision activities of supervisors in the whole process of the construction quality of key parts and key processes during the supervision of housing construction engineering construction stage.

189     Article 1 These measures are formulated in accordance with the relevant provisions of the regulations on the quality management of construction projects in order to strengthen the management of on-site supervision of housing construction projects and ensure the project quality.

For the construction of key parts and key processes requiring on-site supervision, if on-site supervision is not implemented or there is no on-site supervision record, the supervision engineer or the chief supervision engineer shall not sign on the corresponding documents.

  The key parts and key processes of housing construction works specified in these measures include: Earthwork backfilling, pouring of concrete cast-in-place pile, pouring of underground diaphragm wall, soil nailing wall, post pouring belt and other structural concrete and waterproof concrete, detailed structural treatment of coiled material waterproof layer and installation of steel structure; The main structure works include: beam column joint reinforcement concealment process, concrete pouring, prestressed tensioning, fabricated structure installation, steel structure installation, grid structure installation and cable membrane installation.

  Article 10 for the implementation of on-site supervision of key parts and key processes specified in these measures, the construction unit shall strictly follow the supervision fee collection standard specified by the state; If the construction unit requires the supervision enterprise to carry out on-site supervision beyond the scope specified in these measures, the construction unit shall pay the supervision fee separately, and the specific fee standard shall be agreed in the contract between the construction unit and the supervision enterprise.

Lifting Clutches

Administrative measures for side station supervision of housing construction engineering construction (for Trial Implementation)    Issued by the Ministry of construction on July 17, 2002 and effective as of January 1, 2003.

Jian Shi [2002] No.

  Article 7 the on-site supervisors shall earnestly perform their duties, supervise the key parts and key processes requiring on-site supervision on the construction site, timely find and deal with the quality problems in the process of on-site supervision, and truthfully and accurately make on-site supervision records.

The project supervision organization shall arrange on-site supervisors to implement on-site supervision according to the on-site supervision scheme.

  Article 3 when preparing the supervision plan, the supervision enterprise shall formulate the on-site supervision scheme, and clarify the scope, contents, procedures and responsibilities of on-site supervision personnel.

  Article 6 the main responsibilities of the on-site supervision personnel are: (1) to check the on-site quality inspection personnel of the construction enterprise, the personnel of special types of work with certificates, and the preparation of construction machinery and building materials( 2) Supervise the implementation of construction scheme and mandatory standards of project construction in key parts and key processes on site( 3) Check the quality inspection reports of mobilized building materials, building components and fittings, equipment and commercial concrete, and supervise the construction enterprise on site for inspection or entrust a qualified third party for re inspection( 4) Keep the on-site supervision records and supervision diary, and keep the original data of on-site supervision.

The on-site supervision scheme shall be sent to the construction unit and the construction enterprise, and a copy shall be sent to the local construction administrative department or its entrusted project quality supervision organization.


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