[Midu recruitment] Midu branch of Yunnan Haipan Construction Co., Ltd

Strong ability in cost management, risk control and financial analysis; 5.

Accounting recruitment: unlimited number of people, salary: 3500 yuan – 5000 yuan, welfare: five insurances, weekend weekends 1, college degree or above, major in finance, finance, management and so on; 2.

business scope includes general projects: residential housing construction; Municipal utilities; Highway engineering; Water conservancy and hydropower projects; Steel structure works; Building decoration works; Building electromechanical installation works; Foundation works; Tunnel works; Highway pavement works; Highway subgrade works; Highway traffic engineering; Fire fighting facilities engineering; Urban and road lighting works; Environmental protection engineering; Building curtain wall works; Waterproof, anti-corrosion and thermal insulation works; Communication engineering; Hoisting equipment installation works; Electronic and intelligent engineering; Bridge works; Leasing of construction machinery and equipment; Ancient architectural works; Construction labor.

Have accountant qualification certificate; 3.

Strong logical thinking, good organization and coordination and team leadership, able to work under pressure.

Resume registration free recruitment of Midu branch of Yunnan Haipan Construction Co., Ltd.

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Relevant working experience is preferred; 4.

82, Zhengtong street, Midu County, Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture.

(except for the projects subject to approval according to law, the company shall independently carry out business activities according to law with its business license).

Contact: working address 1: No.

Familiar with accounting operation, accounting and audit process; 6.

business introduction of Midu branch of Yunnan Haipan Construction Co., Ltd.


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