Micro Jingjiang Morning Post Jingjiang fully promotes the investigation and treatment of potential construction safety hazards; The

Jingcheng Street: Chengxi community carried out gas safety publicity and voluntary service activities.

Since this year, it has successively provided favorable conditions for the development of enterprises More than 120 enterprises have provided assistance in handling certificates, provided more than 180 services such as labor and personnel dispute mediation and labor security supervision, organized more than 200 person times of vocational training, handled 22 guaranteed loans for enriching people’s entrepreneurship, and coordinated financial institutions to handle agriculture related, self-employed and enterprise related loans of 576 million yuan, which effectively solved the worries of enterprises.

After preliminary preparation, the Municipal Public Security Bureau has established and improved 44 public security government service points with the public security window of the government service center as the core, and the service has been extended to 14 police station windows (of which 8 have been stationed in the town service center for the people) 2 Street police stations, 10 postal branches, 4 motor vehicle sales points and 13 police medical cooperation service points provide more than 30 business processes such as household administration, entry-exit, administrative licensing and vehicle driving management.

After the full mobilization of Party volunteers and grid workers, there were nearly 100 feedback from residents.

Gushan Town (Chengbei Park) : the fourth special training class was held to improve the rural governance ability of new members.

This training class further improved the new village (community) through theoretical teaching, task application, theme discussion, “new work on small topics”, etc Members of the “two committees” team have good rural governance ability and answer the examination paper of the times for effective rural governance.

Therefore, Wenchang new village community regards “something is easy to discuss” The consultative platform is the carrier.

All venues and public areas are maintained and transformed with high standards and requirements.

Most of the community residents are relocated villagers from various villages.

Provide “shopkeeper” accurate services for enterprise construction projects, and continue to implement the “three in three service” system, so as to achieve the “seamless connection” of audit and approval and the “no closure” of joint audit and joint office process Actively coordinate the water, electricity, gas and other issues of enterprises, cooperate with the completion of construction application, administrative license and project acceptance, and promote the implementation and commencement of projects.

As one of the competition venues of the 20th Provincial Games, Jingjiang sports center is being upgraded in an all-round way.

With the increase of occupancy rate, the change of lifestyle has brought some focus problems affecting the harmonious development of the community, For example, drying at will, destroying green vegetables, littering sundries, etc.

Through household visits, resident representative meetings, online research and other ways to conduct pre commercial research, collect residents’ opinions and suggestions on community residents’ convention.

This “labor glory”   The “I have contributed” female staff skill competition aims at “learning technology, improving skills, seeking excellence and comparing contributions” With the theme of end cap turning, rotor turning, drilling and tapping, rotor aluminum casting and machine wire embedding group competition, there are five skills competitions.

Binjiang New Area Office: carried out the action of “double drying, double supervision and double evaluation” to “strengthen afterforce” In order to solidly promote the practical activity of “I do practical things for the masses”, Binjiang New Area Office organized and carried out the action of “double drying, double supervision and double evaluation” for the 20 key projects determined by the office and the 114 practical projects determined by the village communities, especially the four key projects included in Jingjiang City, so as to effectively do good things, do practical things well and reach the hearts of the masses..

will not only affect the environment, but also easily lead to contradictions between neighbors.

Actively do a good job in the planning, construction and maintenance of rural roads and bridges in the region, coordinate the handling of land acquisition, house acquisition and demolition compensation and resettlement, and provide favorable conditions for the development of enterprises.

From October 22 to 23, Gushan town and Chengbei Park held the fourth special training class with the theme of “improving people’s work ability and making grass-roots governance more effective”.

Double Head Lifting Pin Anchor

Xilai Town: hold the “glorious labor”   The “I have contributed” female worker skill competition stimulated the new enthusiasm of workers for post innovation, and the women’s Federation of Xilai town and the trade union jointly held the “glorious labor competition”   The “I have contributed” female employee skill competition advocated and encouraged female employees to study technology and continuously improve their skill level.

Citizens and friends are welcome to come to exercise and fitness! Jingjiang’s power outage notice was released this week, involving the establishment of many villages, factories and municipal public security bureaus And improve 44 public security government service points, involving a number of business handling.

According to the notice of Jingjiang Suyuan Thermal Power Co., Ltd., the swimming pool of Jingjiang Sports Center will resume the external hot water supply from now on, The pool water has been restored to constant temperature.

Jingjiang has transformed the achievements of party history learning and education into a new driving force for work and continued to carry out “investigation and treatment of building safety hazards” Work, focus on creating a beautiful and livable city, highlight the protection and improvement of public safety, solidly do a good job in the investigation and rectification of potential safety hazards of existing buildings, and take the lead in issuing the implementation plan for special inventory of illegal construction and illegal approval of housing construction in Jingjiang City , organized and held a special meeting on housing construction safety investigation, quickly promoted the investigation and rectification of hidden dangers of existing and under construction buildings in the city, eliminated potential safety hazards and blocked management loopholes.

Jingjiang held the promotion meeting of the city’s employment work and employment assistance action week for returning fishermen to expand the employment space for returning fishermen.

The competition was held in Jiangsu Sanjiang electric appliance group, with more than 60 female employees participating, of which 24 were ahead of their peers in skill level and won honorary commendation.

We try our best to provide everyone with a safe and comfortable fitness environment.

The “employment assistance Action Week” was also praised at the meeting The activities were deployed, requiring the grass-roots platform of human resources and social security to strengthen the investigation of the employment situation of the people out of poverty, widely carry out the publicity of employment assistance policies, carry out visits and condolences, and organize recruitment activities   House   move   Dongxing Town: Wenchang new village community held a consultation meeting to discuss the revision of the community residents convention.

Volunteers explained the basic knowledge of gas and emergency response measures to residents in the form of PPT explanation combined with real cases, and demonstrated to residents how to use fire extinguishers correctly, strengthen safety awareness and prevent accidents.

Work to solve the problems of enterprises.

After intense and exciting competition, 4 people won the first prize, 8 won the second prize, 12 won the third prize and 16 won the excellence prize.

From now on, the swimming pool of Jingjiang Sports Center will resume the external hot water supply.

Recently, Jingcheng Street office in Jingcheng city West Community carried out gas safety publicity and voluntary service activities.

Wenchang new village community is an agricultural resettlement community with 9 districts, a total of 1275 households and a permanent population of more than 3000.

Weijingjiang Morning Post – October 26, 2021   Tuesday   the 20th day of the ninth lunar month   Good morning [Jingjiang weather] cloudy, 11 ~ 22 ℃; Highlights review: Min   Shengjingjiang makes every effort to promote the work of “investigation and treatment of existing building safety hazards”, create a new window for a beautiful and livable safe city, Jingjiang establishes the concept of “life first and safety first”, and takes the investigation, cleaning and treatment of existing building safety hazards and building a strong “defense line” of existing building safety as one of the important practical activities of “I do practical things for the masses” in the study and education of party history, so as to eliminate hidden dangers “Full discovery”, solve the problems of rectification work, calmly answer the proposition of “investigation and treatment of existing building safety hazards”, and strive to create a new window for a beautiful and livable safe city.

It was pointed out at the meeting that the human resources and social security staff of all towns (streets, parks and offices) should do a solid job in tracking the employment of retired fishermen within their jurisdiction, re verify and re confirm the employment of retired fishermen within their working age, and do a good job in the investigation of the real name system It is necessary to further strengthen the publicity and guidance of policy services; continue to implement the “1113” action and the “one person, one policy” special assistance; implement the entrepreneurship assistance policy, make overall use of public welfare posts, expand the employment and entrepreneurship space for returning fishermen, and effectively serve returning fishermen who are within the working age and have the ability and willingness to work.

Yesterday morning, the municipal human resources and Social Security Bureau held the city’s employment work meeting for returning fishermen And the promotion meeting of employment assistance action week.


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