[memory] architecture can be read: this old building on Urumqi South Road has stories, music and warmth

The entrance is a prominent semi hexagonal wood inlaid frame glass door, continuous arch window opening, gray cement door and window cover, and there is a bracket support under it.

Two additional auxiliary buildings are added next to the building to enclose the courtyard space of the building, and the facade style is consistent with the building.

Ring Clutch

In January 2020, the old building was reborn and was named “66 Wutong yard neighborhood reunion”.

There is a semi exposed wooden frame on the facade.

This is the “good balance · good intention” garden specially set up by neighborhood exchange.

During the repair of the main building, the construction personnel used paint remover to clean it for many times, revealing all the designs of the door, “it feels like waves.” In order to coordinate the current buildings and cultural relics buildings, the repaired wooden door details adopt the design method of modern architecture to redesign the building facade without changing the current outline, so as to make it concise and rhythmic, which is different from cultural relics.

Opening information address: No.

2 “good balance · good intention” The garden is on the two floor of the main building of “66 Wutong courtyard neighborhood remittance”, with a green row of convenient stickers on the wall.

The wall is a clear red wall with white windows.

Urumqi south road is one of the 64 widening streets in Shanghai.

The protection and repair removed the late construction and historical additions of the building, and restored the historical style when it was first built as much as possible.

The contents include that he joined the preparation for the establishment of the left League in Shanghai and founded the national salvation daily.

This place actually shows the names and locations of all neighborhood Xiaohui and red points within the street area.

These are the obvious image characteristics of British rural houses.

As the earliest hard court in Shanghai, it once had 9 sand courts, and the first special training venue after the establishment of Shanghai tennis team, holding many boutique events.

The three-story brick concrete structure gives people a unique feeling of both retro and fashionable..

Building repair: restore the original historical style as much as possible.

The facade of the garden house in the historical drawing adopts an asymmetric layout.

It is now a cultural relics protection point in Xuhui District.

On the first floor, there are 66 Wutong reception rooms for communication, communication, reception or small salon.

It can carry out children’s fun drawing in the classroom of parent child and early education activities, and provide evening care for elderly people with services such as policy consultation, psychological consultation, legal consultation and traditional Chinese medicine sitting.

64, Urumqi South Road, started cultural protection repair, restored the original facade style of the building, and restored the original interior decoration style according to the historical drawings.

66, Urumqi South Road, Xuhui District opening time: 9:00-18:00 from Tuesday to Sunday, punch in point 1 around Xia Yan’s old residence combed and reviewed Xia Yan’s footprints in Shanghai with the main line of “red culture” and “Shanghai style culture”.

The caoying study was built according to Mr.

Through cleaning and repair, the original color and texture of Qingshui red brick wall are restored, and the original facade wood components are retained to the greatest extent.

Address: Building 2, No.

Who designed this 90 year old building? What kind of history does it contain? See Wutong building just perfect: the three level brick and wooden structure of the English village house, the 66 Urumqi Road South Road 64 building, built in 1932, from the famous designer Wu Dake’s hand, rigorous design, reasonable layout, detailed decoration and processing is just right, embodies the designer’s personal design concept and skills, also is a typical representative of the British style residential building in the rural area.

1 junior sports school in Xuhui District, located here, has always been the cradle of Tennis Elites.

Building punch in point 1 clip of the International Song copper pipe art installation (the length and position of the copper pipe represent notes) on the wall of the stairs of building 3, there is a row of staggered copper pipes, like jumping notes, forming a group of clips of the international song.

Architectural story: after liberation, Urumqi No.

At the same time, fully absorb the characteristics of the surrounding historical buildings, and adopt Taishan brick, water brush stone and other traditional materials in Shanghai to improve the building quality, which is consistent with the historical features of Hengfu style area.

Address: Building 3, No.

The gable of the main building under repair.

Since the establishment of the first municipal youth tennis team, it has transported many excellent tennis players to the country.

The garden style old buildings along the street are: Xia Yan’s former residence, Cao Ying study, Hengfu Art Center, and also a “66 Wutong courtyard” which is known as the “neighborhood and communal hall”.

The building adopts a false three-story brick wood structure, with a building area of 541.6 m2.

caoying’s wishes during his lifetime to commemorate his continuous writing in his life.

The second floor is the party masses Service Station and the civilization practice station of the new era, which is divided into four sections: the “four histories” hall at the door, “the conference hall of” foreign exchange governance “, the” love volunteer “gas station and the organizational strength construction camp.

178, South Urumqi Road, opening hours: 10:00-16:30 from Wednesday to Saturday (stop entering the museum at 16:00) 3 Xuhui Art Museum surrounds the whole building.

In 2017, the territorial authorities decided to repair and transform this cultural relic building into a public space open to residents.

In order to restore the indoor environment of the building, a large number of investigations were carried out on other works of the same type by designer Hudec during the repair, and the floor, wooden skirting line, ceiling line foot and wooden door were restored according to the original style, original technology and raw materials, which were different from the historical original.

Residents write their suggestions on community construction on the “wish post it notes”, and relevant Street departments, resident units and social organizations will take the initiative to claim them.

The third floor has a movie bar and a book reading room.

The roof of the building is steep, covered with red machine-made tiles, and there are shed type dormer windows to absorb daylighting for the attic.

The No.

It became a comprehensive service of the community of the city street, which is free for community residents.

178, South Urumqi Road, opening hours: 10:00-16:302, Wednesday to Saturday.

In 2018, the buildings and courtyards, including the main building and auxiliary building, at No.

64 was used as the office space of Xuhui District Sports Bureau.


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