[memory] architecture can be read: have you ever climbed this century old tower on the Bank of Suzhou River?

100 Yejiazhai road.

17, Guangfu West Road.

At the beginning of construction, this building adopted the advanced reinforced concrete frame structure at that time, which is different from the previous factory buildings dominated by Western neoclassical style and East Indian style.

Opening hours: 9:30-16:00 from Tuesday to Sunday (closed on Monday and Spring Festival holiday), free of charge..

Opening hours: 14:30-16:00 on Saturday and 9:00-11:00 on Sunday.

The bright red of the ceiling under the circular arch jumps out of the white facade, breaking the sense of seriousness brought by the unified rectangular lattice windows on the upper and lower floors of the wall.

There are existing historical buildings such as the original mint, water tower and auxiliary warehouse.

Even the common corridors between buildings have been carefully designed.

This is chuangxiang tower, a popular punch in point and fashion gathering place in Putuo District.

After the vicissitudes of reform and opening up, with industrial upgrading and factory relocation, this factory building with watchtower was used as a large warehouse.

Today, after the renovation and renewal of this historical building, it has been built into an urban youth shared business community.

Different buildings adopt a unified facade style, forming a pedestrian channel that makes the vision more pleasant.

17, Guangfu West Road, Shanghai Textile Museum is located at No.

9 factory, which focuses on the brilliant achievements of Shanghai textile workers in the period of socialist construction and highlights the brilliant achievements of scientific and technological progress of Shanghai textile industry.

The image of the tower has become its symbol.

The refreshing white wall is lightly dotted with pure three primary colors, which is very bright.

(the office area is not open to the public) the surrounding clock in point 01.

At first, it was a cotton mill with advanced facilities and equipment.

There is a bright and vibrant shared space in Baocheng Bay, Suzhou River, Putuo District.

It is surrounded by vertical narrow and long windows, and the top is an octagonal open Pavilion.

The building is modernist style, with vertical line composition, inner corridor style, through the wall between windows, rectangular windows, brown face brick finish, and local brick walls with white pointing.

Elephant Foot Ferrule

The square formed by the multi-functional main building and the blank space between the pedestrian roads brings infinite vitality to the chuangxiang tower.

With a century old building to carry a modern way of life, when we face the building itself, we are closely involved in the dialogue between the old and the new spanning a century.

Opening hours: 5:00-20:00 admission: free 03 Shanghai Mint is located at No.

Building repair: nirvana and rebirth of the new park in 2016, the “chuangxiang tower” park project was launched, and the overall transformation was carried out on the original site of No.

Address: 04, No.

In order to reflect its historical value, the designer retains the original appearance of the historical building as much as possible, emphasizes the “relationship between industrial design and people”, integrates the geometric abstract art style of “three primary color grid elements”, displays classical geometric graphics and simple black lines on the outside of the building, and creates a simple and comfortable space, Become a multi content urban youth sharing business community – chuangxiang tower · thextower, which is a beautiful scenic spot beside the Suzhou River.

Do you know that this building full of fashion is 100 years old? Let’s go here today to learn how the old factory is reborn from Nirvana ↓ building itself: 100 Yejiazhai Road, a century old building in modern style, was once the site of Shanghai quilt factory.

It is one of the earliest buildings with modern style in China.

The bright red of the ceiling under the circular arch jumps out of the white facade, breaking the sense of seriousness brought by the unified rectangular lattice windows on the upper and lower floors of the wall.

Neat and changeable square floor tiles lead the visual end to the tower of the old plant.

The interior of the main building will open up the non load-bearing wall, leaving simple and powerful pillars.

It is a collection of landscaping It is a large-scale comprehensive construction project integrating science popularization education venues and water biological purification.

The image of the tower has become the symbol of chuangxiang tower.

  The quiet open roof in the past has become easy to climb through transformation.

Make an appointment one week in advance.

Reservation method and telephone: free.

The old plant that has been silent for many years finally ushered in a new life.

150, Macao Road, the former site of Shanghai Shenxin textile No.

It covers an area of 7958 square meters.

The existing historical building is a three storey warehouse with a watchtower built in the early 20th century, with a total construction area of nearly 10000 square meters, There are still early cargo elevators on the East and west sides of the warehouse.

The former site of Yichang Road Fire Club building is located at 216 Yichang road.

The building is composed of a four storey building (partially covered with six floors later) and a fire watch tower, both of which are steel-concrete structures.

Standing on the roof terrace, looking at the breeze, the beautiful scenery of Su River is coming.

With the help of the skylight transformed by the beam, more light is introduced into the room, and the building structure can be presented more clearly under the changing sky light.

It was built in 1932.

It faces the water on three sides, accounting for 8.6 hectares.

It was built in 1922 and completed in 1930.

The tower is 42 meters high, square and gradually closed upward.

It was completed and opened in July 2004.

The combination of hollowed out circular decoration, leaping red, yellow and blue blocks, black lines and large white walls fully reflects the designer’s original intention to reproduce the vitality of urban architecture.

Open information chuangxiang tower · thextower visit: go directly without reservation.

The renovated chuangxiang Tower Park is characterized by simple and fashionable architectural style, open square design, community shared office experience, convenient one network all-in-one service site, high-quality shops and rich and interesting activity organizations, which has attracted online celebrities to punch in.

It is also the first living water park in Shanghai to purify river water by using ecological engineering technology.

021-6277544102 Suzhou River Mengqing park environmental protection theme park is located in the south of Suzhou, north of Yichang Road, west of Changhua Road and east of Jiangning road bridge.


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