[memory] architecture can be read: did you know that Yangpu is a “century old garden” with many characteristic buildings?

Structural strengthening has been carried out for five bridges in the garden with relatively damaged bridge structures, and the damaged bridge deck railings and lamp posts have been repaired.

The second floor has an arc protruding terrace, which can overlook the beauty of the whole garden.

The lake island is connected by several small bridges with different shapes, creating a step-by-step viewing experience.

Walking around the artificial lake in the middle of the lake, tourists can also enjoy the scenery of Liuli Pavilion, Peony Pavilion, moon chanting Pavilion, Fuhu ridge and WoLonggang, which complement the ponds and pools in the park.

The scenic spot is surrounded by the layout of Huansha Lake covering an area of 87000 square meters.

Yejia garden is a Suzhou garden garden mainly in Chinese traditional style and interspersed with western architecture.

There is a lotus pond in front of the rockery, and there are two ponds on the left and right sides.

The shadow of the wave Island forms an interesting contrast.

Because its shape is like Lushan, it is called “xiaolushan”.

There is a small white building on the main island of Huxin Island, called Yanshuang hall, which is the main building of Ye family garden.

There are three large islands in the Garden Lake, which are surrounded and staggered.

There are many pavilions in Yejia garden, such as echo Pavilion, Qiyun cave and Sigong Pavilion.

The octagonal glazed tile Pavilion on the Jinsuo bridge is embedded with Western colored glass.

The main island is surrounded by water and is distributed in pinyin shape with the two adjacent islands.

Compare the buildings repaired before and after the repair of the bridge and pavilion (structures) there are many kinds of buildings and structures, and there are many kinds of key protection contents, repair types and building materials, including five bridges and six pavilions, corridor frames, gatehouses, lookout towers, No.

Entering from the main gate of Yejia garden, the first thing to see is a rockery, which acts as a shadow wall to form a transition space.

Without damaging the overall structure of the pavilion, the construction personnel repaired the damaged parts, replaced the rotten rafters, repaired the pavilion top, and repainted the pavilion.

The building is surrounded by water on all sides.

It was built in 1920 in classical style.

In 1959, it was replaced by the first tuberculosis control hospital in Shanghai.

The western architectural style makes it particularly eye-catching in the garden.

The whole garden is oval in east-west direction.

Today, the garden is still an integral part of the hospital.

It is full of cypress, pine, camphor, Sequoia, palm and bamboo along the footpath.

The original houses, pavilions, sheds and stables in the park were used as wards and several wards were built.

9 building and other buildings in the garden.

It is named because it is located at the intersection of Handan Road, Siping Road, Huangxing Road, Xiangyin road and Songhu road in the northeast corner of Shanghai.

2 original garden gate (West Gate) the gate is a cross gate building, with a terrace on the top and stairs nearby.

Address: 3 intersection of Handan Road, Siping Road, Huangxing Road, Xiangyin road and Songhu Road, Yangpu District.

Standing on this building can be better Enjoy the garden view.

Address: Wujiaochang, No.

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Along the main road of the garden, you can enter the largest main island in the middle of the lake through Qingtao bridge.

Architectural story: at the beginning of the establishment of Youyuan hospital, Yejia garden was an amusement place with facilities such as bomb room, film court and golf course, covering an area of nearly 80 mu.

On the ground floor, there are three ring corridors in the East, South and West.

The original owner of the building After donating the park, we set up an internship hospital.

After repair, build (structure) the safety performance of the buildings has been improved, and at the same time, the historical style of the garden has been restored, which has made a good demonstration for the organic integration of practical buildings, historical and cultural heritage and Shanghai style gardens.

This is the former main entrance of Ye family garden.

When it comes to the old buildings in Yangpu area, which one do you think of first? Does it include this “old age” garden located at 507 Zhengmin road with beautiful scenery such as pavilions, bridges, rivers, mountains, caves and gullies? How much do you know about the old buildings? Today, let’s explore the architecture itself: Chinese and Western styles are “matched” here.

The repair team shall investigate the buildings (structures) that need to be repaired on site one by one, and prepare the corresponding special construction scheme for the repair of cultural relics according to different damage conditions, combined with the requirements of design drawings and design texts, so as to ensure that the value of cultural relics will not be damaged.

The colonnade is of Ionian style.

Now it is the Shanghai Pulmonary Hospital Affiliated to Tongji University.

Building repair: ensure that the value of cultural relics will not be damaged.

3 the small white building of Yanshuang Pavilion is the main building of Ye family garden.

The lake is surrounded by rolling hills, gentle slopes deep into the lake, or green water connected to the platform square.

The flowers and trees in the garden are verdant and exquisitely arranged.

The roof repair process of Sigong pavilion has been a long time Due to disrepair, the structure, roof, facade, interior wall and floor of many pavilions in the garden have been damaged to varying degrees.

You can get a more complete tour experience from here.

The islands are connected with each other, and the islands are connected with the ring road by pavilions and bridges, forming the grand scenery of the whole garden.

The gate building is carved with exquisite patterns.

In recent years, Yangpu District has made protective repairs to Yejia garden.

With the entry of the world’s top extreme sports events, it has become a new landmark of extreme sports.

346, Guohe Road, the full name of Wujiaochang is “Jiangwan Wujiaochang”, and its southern plot is one of the famous commercial centers in Shanghai.

Jiangwan Stadium Jiangwan Stadium was built in October 1935 and has been transformed into the first sports leisure park in China.

They have both Chinese style and Western techniques, which are different and have their own characteristics.

Huangxing Park is located at the south end of Wujiaochang, covering an area of 624000 square meters, distributed on the north and south sides of Guoshun East Road.

The scenery is very beautiful..

Architectural highlight 1 Jinsuo bridge and octagonal glazed tile pavilion are the only bridge connecting WoLonggang and Huzhong island from the north.

Walking among them makes people happy and forget to return.

2, No.

Yejia garden has lush green plants and rich categories.

There are three columns on both sides of the bridge, of different lengths and unique shapes.

This garden also ushered in another era.


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