Mars recently found “large buildings”, surrounded by a pile of ammunition!

In this regard, astronomers say that when the image is magnified dozens of times, there is a unified and obvious artificial trace, which can not be stone..

The discovery of curiosity on Mars caused a sensation in the world astronomical community.

In this photo, we can clearly see an unknown object, such as “bullet magazine”, which is deeply embedded in the rock surface.

Mars is very similar to earth in environment, temperature and other natural conditions.

In addition, surprising bullets and ammunition were left around.

Trapezoid Rubber Magnetic Chamfer

After dozens of magnification, they carefully studied and observed it and found that its overall structure was very complex.

Therefore, the red star has become the focus of human exploration of space objects.

Americans launched a Mars rover and found a series of mysterious bipolar objects there! On one occasion, the lunar rover named curiosity, launched by NASA and NASA on Mars, accidentally took a wonderful picture on the wild rocky beach near the equator of Mars.

Many astronomers believe that this problem is caused by the shooting of the lunar rover.

Subsequently, NASA astronomers used advanced technology to enlarge the image of a strange object.

Mars is located outside the earth’s orbit around the sun, less than 45 million kilometers away from the earth.


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