Make the building really “green”

(3) Environmental protection: in the whole life cycle of the building, the environmental load of the building shall be designed, and the local resources and natural resources shall be used as much as possible.

The specific contents are as follows: (1) comfort: build a more healthy and comfortable building to make the users of the building more pleasant and safe.

(2) Energy efficiency: active buildings should be efficient in the use of energy, advocate the use of renewable energy, and do not exclude the use of power grid power supply.

The main idea of “active building” is: Balance – maintain and ensure the balance of building comfort, energy efficiency and environmental protection under the current situation of energy shortage and environmental deterioration.

Relevant recommendations recomm.

The concept of passive house began in 1987.

The initial problem to be solved is to reduce energy consumption for buildings in cold areas and make buildings obtain certain thermal comfort.

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