Ma Rongquan: development trend and future prospect of prefabricated buildings

New building materials and equipment are the driving force and source of the process of building industrialization.

Therefore, flat platform management will also become the main model of assembly industry ecology.

Due to the limitations of prefabricated concrete structure technology and the constraints of underground stress, waterproof and other conditions, the current prefabricated structure system is only suitable for aboveground structures.

More importantly, we are more and more aware that the prefabricated building is the breakthrough of the change of construction mode and the only way for the new industrialization of the construction industry.

With the improvement of the level of building industrialization, it is possible to realize the assembly of all specialties such as structural engineering, electromechanical engineering and decoration.

In addition to the remarkable achievements of prefabricated buildings in epidemic emergency response, the following reasons have also accelerated the development of prefabricated buildings: first, to shorten the construction period and make up for the delay loss caused by the epidemic; The second is to deal with the shortage of construction workers; Third, meet the requirements of the policy and enjoy the dividends brought by the policy.

Prefabricated buildings will develop from structural prefabrication to full professional assembly.

The prefabricated building structure system has been innovated and developed continuously.

In addition to the impact of aging, the traditional manual labor in construction and the lack of sense of professional dignity make young people less and less.

Intelligent production has realized remote management and flexible manufacturing, and greatly improved production efficiency and management level.

Prefabricated architecture has once again become a hot topic in the construction industry.

The development of prefabricated buildings is not only the innovation of structural technology, but also the R & D of new building materials and the upgrading of relevant equipment.

In terms of structural form, concrete structure will still be the mainstream because of its high cost performance and wide sources of raw materials, and steel structure will show greater advantages in public buildings.

Taking the prefabricated concrete structure as an example, the traditional grouting sleeve structure will be further optimized, but other structural technologies will continue to emerge and develop; The cavity laminated concrete structure technology developed on the German double skin wall technology will be vigorously promoted and developed because of its convenient construction, reliable quality, good integrity and lower cost, which solves the pain points of traditional prefabricated buildings and is more suitable for China’s national conditions.


It is not only the best choice for rapid construction in wartime and epidemic situations, but also the only way for the transformation and upgrading of the construction industry.

It was established in May 2020 with the approval of Shaanxi Provincial Administration for Industry and commerce.


The emergence of new prefabricated building technology will accelerate the further improvement of building industrialization.

Through technological innovation, improve the performance and quality of prefabricated building products and enhance the product competitiveness of enterprises, we should believe that the development of prefabricated buildings will be the future of mass architecture.

Although the epidemic is ruthless, it has inadvertently promoted the development of prefabricated buildings.

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Engineering practice has proved the advantages of prefabricated buildings, short construction cycle, good quality and strong environmental protection.

The innovative development of building materials and the upgrading of engineering equipment will boost the development of new building industrialization.

The popularization and application of prefabricated building has become a consensus, and its development trend will also show the following characteristics: 1.

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three   The average age of the construction site is getting higher and higher, and the young people under the age of 35 are less than 10%.

At the moment of crisis, the builders built Huoshen mountain and Leishen mountain hospitals at an amazing speed, reproducing the miracle of Beijing’s construction of Xiaotangshan Hospital to fight SARS.

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With the development of fabricated structure technology, full assembly above ground and underground will become a reality.


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I believe that online work is still an effective means to improve work efficiency after the end of the epidemic.

four   The development of management platform Internet and Internet of things technology provides a platform for equipment interconnection and information interaction between factory and site, and digital twin provides a channel for putting forward management data.

is located in Xi’an Economic and Technological Development Zone with rapid development.

two   Intelligent production “taking architecture as a product and construction as manufacturing” is the core concept of prefabricated architecture, which will give birth to the intelligent production of components and parts.

After 17 years, another sudden epidemic broke the rhythm of people’s life and work.

Recently, many projects have tried to carry out the assembly practice of all specialties and achieved good results.

With the development of prefabricated buildings as the core and around the industrialization of new buildings and intelligent construction, the concept and development model of the development of prefabricated building industry are also becoming more and more mature, mainly reflected in: 1   The epidemic of online business makes everyone unable to leave home, and online work has become the norm; Engineering design, scheme discussion, remote management, even business negotiation and marketing have also achieved the mandatory change of online work mode, and formed a good habit of online work.

Therefore, improving the mechanization and intelligence of prefabricated construction and realizing the fewer people in construction will also become a development trend.

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Prefabricated buildings will develop from simple above ground structure to full assembly above ground and underground.

In particular, the modular prefabricated assembly construction is adopted for the more complex computer room project, which has realized the rapid construction and achieved good economic benefits.


Online business will also give birth to the improvement and development of informatization, digitization and intelligence.

Prefabricated building technology is constantly innovating, and the arrival of the epidemic should urge us to speed up the pace of innovation.

From the design point of view, prefabricated buildings will be more conducive to industrialized development, including structural components, electromechanical pipelines and decoration works.


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