Longquan construction qualification extension

We will study the abolition of construction labor qualifications and vigorously support the development of professional enterprises focusing on operation.

    2、 Strengthen the supervision of construction market     (6) Promote the construction of laws, regulations and systems.

We will strengthen the application of public service platforms for the supervision of the national construction market in the construction market Application in administrative examination and approval, in-process and post supervision, promote data sharing and exchange with the national credit information sharing platform, and timely disclose the credit records of enterprises and personnel.

Focus on four aspects:     1、 We will deepen the reform of key links in the construction industry     (I) We will improve the system of project bidding and project guarantee.

At present, there are more than 500 employees, the proportion of professional and technical personnel is more than 60%, and the number of registered technical talents with medium and high-grade technical titles and more than class I qualifications ranks in the forefront of the operation.

Revise the provisions on the management of the qualification of construction engineering survey and design enterprises, the provisions on the management of the qualification of construction enterprises and the provisions on the management of the qualification of engineering supervision enterprises And implementation opinions, improve the enterprise qualification management system, revise the model text of professional construction contract and professional operation contract, improve the contract management system, and cooperate with the revision of the construction law.

Planned cities: Beijing (Beijing), Tianjin (Tianjin), Heilongjiang (HEI), Jilin (Ji), Liaoning (Liao), Hebei (Ji), Henan (Yu) and Shandong (Lu) , Shanxi (Jin), Shaanxi (Shan), Inner Mongolia (Inner Mongolia), Ningxia (ning), Gansu (long, GaN), Xinjiang (Xin), Qinghai (Qing).

Com) is referred to as zhaocaimao.

It is a company approved and registered by the Administration for Industry and commerce, providing qualification, qualification handling, qualification agency, qualification transfer of various construction engineering qualifications, handling safety production licenses and providing talent services for construction enterprises (class I and class II constructor, middle and senior engineer, technician certificate, etc.) Enterprise management consulting company, providing efficient resource services for enterprise development.

Tibet (Tibet), Hubei (Hubei), Anhui (Anhui), Jiangsu (Jiangsu), Shanghai (Shanghai), Zhejiang (Zhejiang), Fujian (min), Hunan (Hunan), Jiangxi (GAN), Sichuan (Sichuan, Shu), Chongqing (Chongqing) , Guizhou (Guizhou, Guizhou), Yunnan (Yunnan, Yunnan), Guangdong (Guangdong), Guangxi (Guangxi), Hainan (Hainan), Hong Kong (Hong Kong), Macao (Macao) and Taiwan (Taiwan).

Implement several opinions on further promoting the development of EPC Improve the bidding, construction permit, direct contracting of professional business and other systems suitable for EPC, and optimize the supervision process.

    (V) We will actively promote the reform of the construction employment system.

Tel: 13881983131 zhaocaimao construction wechat: 13881983131 Henan zhaocaimao Construction Engineering Consulting Co., Ltd.

    (4) Improve the level of architectural design.

In the government invested projects adopting conventional general technical standards, the lowest price bid winning based on the provision of performance guarantee shall be explored.

We will study the establishment of an information management service platform for construction workers, take professional enterprises as the main carrier of construction workers, and implement the real name management system for construction workers To study and formulate the management measures for the real name system of construction workers.

We will draft guidance on the architect responsibility system, expand the pilot scope of the architect responsibility system, and realize the management and control of architects over the design of construction projects.

We will implement the State Council’s joint incentive system for keeping promises and the joint punishment system for dishonesty, and study and establish a blacklist system for the main players in the construction market.

We started in Chengdu and took Shu as the mainland.

We will continue to clean up the margin in the field of standardized engineering construction, and seriously investigate and deal with and be strictly accountable for complaints and reports.

Magnetic Steel Chamfer

Professional contracting qualification for construction: Environmental protection, decoration, electromechanical equipment, building curtain wall, ancient architecture and city And road lighting, electronics and intelligence, fire protection, waterproof, anti-corrosion and thermal insulation, steel structure, formwork and scaffold, foundation, lifting equipment, ready mixed concrete, bridge, tunnel, highway pavement, highway subgrade, highway transportation, railway electricity, railway track laying and girder erection, railway electrification, airport runway, civil aviation air traffic control, airport visual navigation aid, port and coast, waterway Navigable buildings, port and shipping equipment and water traffic management, hydraulic metal structure fabrication and equipment, water conservancy and hydropower electromechanical equipment, river and lake regulation, power transmission and transformation, nuclear engineering, offshore oil and special services.

    (VII) We will optimize the construction market environment.

    (9) Strengthen supervision during and after the event..

We will continue to promote the establishment of a unified and open construction market, supervise and inspect the problems of regional barriers strongly reflected by enterprises, and severely investigate and deal with the establishment of unreasonable access conditions, the establishment of unauthorized or disguised approval and filing matters.

We will study and formulate plans to further promote project responsibility in housing construction and municipal infrastructure projects According to the opinions of the guarantee system, the performance guarantee and the owner’s payment guarantee shall be implemented in the form of bank guarantee or guarantee company guarantee.

We will promote the transformation of migrant workers in the construction industry into skilled workers and strive to stabilize and expand the employment and Entrepreneurship of migrant workers.

19) as the main line, deepening the reform of key links of the construction industry as the core, and promoting the development of enterprises as the goal, strengthen the supervision of the construction market, further promote the reform of the administrative examination and approval system, and promote the sustainable and healthy development of the construction industry.

Expand the scope of EPC pilot projects, guide local governments to actively promote the development of EPC, cultivate backbone enterprises of EPC, and promote it General contracting system.


    (VIII) We will promote the construction of a credit system.

Zhaocai cat enterprise processing consulting (Sichuan) Co., Ltd.

We will explore private investment in housing construction projects, and the contracting method will be determined by the construction unit independently.

Implement the management measures for bidding and tendering of architectural engineering design , we will promote bidding methods that meet the design characteristics, such as architectural design schemes and design teams, and improve the professional level and bid evaluation quality of bid evaluation experts.

We will continue to promote the construction of public service platforms for the supervision of the national construction market, focusing on improving the data collection quality of enterprises, registered personnel, projects and integrity databases.

Zhaocai cat headquarters is located in Chengdu, Sichuan, a “small Hong Kong” in Southwest China, enjoying the “land of abundance” Laudatory name.

We will develop architectural engineering design firms in an orderly manner to stimulate the entrepreneurial and innovative vitality of designers.

General contracting qualification for construction: construction, municipal administration, electric power, electromechanical equipment, highway, railway, port and waterway, water conservancy and hydropower, mining, metallurgical quality, chemical petroleum and communication.

provides you with all-round supply: the latest construction information.

   In 2021, the supervision of the construction market was carried out in a conscientious way: conscientiously carrying out the spirit of the eighteen and eighteen Third Plenary Session of the party’s eighteen and third Central Committee, the six plenary session of the Central Committee and the central city working conference, and thoroughly studying and implementing the spirit of the important speech of Xi Jinping’s general secretary and the new strategy and new strategy of governing the country and governing the country.

service guide.

Pilot the whole process engineering consulting service mode, actively cultivate the whole process engineering consulting enterprises, and encourage the implementation of the whole process engineering consulting service for construction projects.

We will simplify the bidding procedures and realize the electronization of the whole process of bidding transactions as soon as possible.

Taking the opinions of the general office of the State Council on promoting the sustainable and healthy development of the construction industry (GBF [2017] No.

Summarize and promote the pilot experience, and promote enterprises to provide the whole process services such as project planning, technical consulting, architectural design, construction guidance and supervision and later tracking in civil construction projects Issued the opinions on promoting the transformation, upgrading, innovation and development of the engineering supervision industry, and put forward the transformation, upgrading and reform measures of the supervision industry.


    (2) Accelerate the promotion of EPC.

Study and revise the model text of EPC contract, and clarify the contractual rights and responsibilities of EPC.

    (III) Promote the whole process engineering consulting service.

We will revise the relevant rules and documents of bidding agency and implement the tenderee responsibility system.

With more than 10 years of intensive cultivation, our business has covered the whole southwest region and promoted to the whole country.


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