Local dynamics Haikou, Hainan: creating a national prefabricated building demonstration city

“When busy, the assembly line has to open two shifts a day.” since September last year, they have completed the supply of prefabricated components for 12 projects, including the new campus of Haikou Party school and Haikou financial center, and reached a total of 20 cooperative engineering construction projects.

Integrated design, synchronous construction and improvement of the whole industrial chain of prefabricated buildings.

With the continuous promotion of investment promotion of Class 1.5 enterprise port project in Haikou Jiangdong new area, 76 enterprises have been attracted to settle in as of September 21 this year, injecting new vitality into the development of the park.

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According to relevant regulations, prefabricated buildings shall be first adopted for public welfare buildings, affordable housing, shantytowns transformation and municipal infrastructure projects invested by the government in Hainan Province.

At present, Haikou is actively striving for a national prefabricated building demonstration city, providing traction for the development of prefabricated buildings in system design, and making policies insert “wings” for industrial development.

The prefabricated construction method improves the quality and quality of construction projects, improves project efficiency and benefits, and is conducive to saving resources and energy, reducing construction pollution and protecting the environment.

In the production workshop, busy workers witnessed the hot development momentum of prefabricated buildings.

A number of prefabricated building demonstration projects have emerged in the city, including Haikou free trade times square, underground comprehensive pipe gallery of Meian Yizong Road, yebo primary school and phase II expansion project of Haikou Meilan International Airport – parking building project, which drive industrial development by promoting the construction of pilot demonstration projects.

The residential assembly rate of Building 1 and building 2 of Haikou country garden ยท mercerska housing project has reached more than 53%.

Class 1.5 enterprise port in Jiangdong new area adopts the integrated modular building mode of box steel structure.

However, it is still necessary to focus on the industrial chain of prefabricated buildings, supplement the chain, strengthen product quality supervision and ensure construction quality, “Especially for the standard system, technical system and product system of prefabricated buildings with the characteristics of tropical marine monsoon climate in Hainan, we need to increase scientific and technological research and development and adhere to innovation leading.” Haikou Jiangdong new area level 1.5 enterprise port project adopts the construction technology of prefabricated steel structure and integrated modular system.

At the same time, prefabricated buildings shall be actively encouraged and guided for social investment projects according to local conditions.

Weng Weilun, the project chief engineer of the construction party Guangdong bojiatuo Construction Technology Co., Ltd., said that the interior wall adopts precast concrete wallboard to replace the traditional block brick, and combined with the aluminum mold process, the wall not only becomes flat, but also improves the quality problems such as wall cracking and leakage.

At the same time, the measuring robot is used to automatically measure the verticality and flatness of the wall to ensure the quality of the house.

Here are green, livable and intelligent elements everywhere.

The workers are busy with the decoration of the model room in Building 1, and the wall in the room is smooth and flat.

The prefabrication plant was also rated as “the first batch of prefabricated building demonstration bases in Hainan Province” and won a reward of 1 million yuan from the government, which made them more confident in the development of prefabricated buildings in Hainan.

In the field of housing construction in Haikou, prefabricated buildings are also widely used.

According to the data from the Municipal Bureau of housing and urban rural development, Haikou currently has 4 prefabricated component production bases, including Haikou prefabricated plant of China Railway fourth Bureau, Jianhua building material prefabricated component production base and Witt construction technology production base.

With the vigorous promotion of prefabricated buildings by the government, the production capacity continues to increase.

The floor slab, stairs and interior decoration are constructed by assembly, and the construction site is clean and tidy.

The construction technology of fabricated steel structure and integrated modular system is adopted.

According to Li Yiwei, the person in charge of project production, the total construction area of Haikou financial center is nearly 80000 square meters, and the assembly rate is 52.7%.

Along the way, at the construction site of Haikou financial center project, more than 200 workers stuck to the site during the Mid Autumn Festival holiday and were busy installing curtain walls and other project decoration work.

According to statistics, since the development of prefabricated building review, Haikou has completed 117 prefabricated building review projects, with a fabricated building area of 6.8104 million square meters.

“Not only the construction is fast, but also the quality is good.” Li Yiwei said that during the construction, the prefabricated components are not simply assembled, but also the overlapping and pouring of reinforced concrete, so the quality and safety are more guaranteed.

According to the person in charge of Hainan Company of China Construction Science and Engineering Group Co., Ltd., the enterprise port project adopts the way of industrialized manufacturing of prefabricated components and on-site mechanized installation to reduce construction noise and dust through assembly, green energy conservation and environmental protection, which is highly in line with the development trend of low-carbon construction and green ecology.

Class 1.5 enterprise port in Jiangdong new area is only an epitome of the development of prefabricated buildings in Haikou City.

On September 22, Haikou changxiushijia project was hoisting laminated plates.

The demonstration drive ensures the quality and steadily increases the promotion of prefabricated buildings.

Prefabricated components are required to adopt prefabricated construction.

The government guides the market to create a national prefabricated building demonstration city.

On the morning of September 22, in the production workshop of Haikou prefabricated plant of China Railway fourth Bureau, workers were producing prefabricated components on the assembly line, some were binding reinforcement, some were making concrete cloth…

With the application of prefabricated buildings included in the four landmark projects of ecological civilization construction in our province, Haikou City vigorously promotes the development of prefabricated buildings, promotes the transformation and upgrading of the construction industry, creates high-quality projects, improves the quality level of construction projects in the city, and actively creates a national demonstration city of prefabricated buildings.

At present, Haikou prefabricated buildings are widely used in public welfare buildings such as schools and hospitals, residential projects such as indemnificatory housing, shantytowns reconstruction and resettlement housing and commercial housing, and public construction projects invested by society.

Haikou vigorously improves the industrial chain of prefabricated buildings and promotes industrial development.

The total construction area of the project is 23000 square meters.

It is estimated that by 2025, the fabricated building area of the city will reach 24.9944 million square meters.

Recently, the construction site of the project often carries out the hoisting construction of composite floor slab.

Prefabricated fabricated members are used for laminated plates and inner wall panels.

Implementation opinions of Haikou Municipal People’s Government on promoting the development of prefabricated buildings and realizing the modernization of construction industry, Haikou special plan for prefabricated buildings (2020-2022), Haikou implementation plan for promoting the development of prefabricated buildings and realizing the modernization of construction industry, and detailed rules for the implementation of Haikou area Award for prefabricated buildings And so on, which provided policy support for the overall development goal, positioning, strategy and technical route of prefabricated buildings, defined the planning zoning and index control requirements, and formulated the specific implementation steps and working mechanism for the development of prefabricated buildings in the city..

It takes only 90 days from commencement to completion.

In the opinion of Hu Jiazhen, Secretary General of Hainan prefabricated construction industry technological innovation alliance, prefabricated buildings in Hainan Province have achieved leapfrog development in recent three years, and the area has doubled continuously.

Wu LeYang, head of Haikou prefabricated plant of China Railway fourth Bureau, introduced that since August 2017, when the prefabrication plant began production, prefabricated components were only used for underground pipe gallery construction.

The prefabricated components cured by high-temperature steam in the curing kiln were transported to the stacking plant for natural maintenance, and finally to the construction site.

After most of these building prefabricated components are manufactured in the factory, they are transported to the project site and quickly hoisted and spliced like “giant building blocks”, so as to implement the concept of green environmental protection and energy conservation throughout the project construction.

Just after the Mid Autumn Festival holiday, the enterprises settled in the port of Class 1.5 enterprises in Jiangdong new area usher in normal office, the photovoltaic panels are hidden in the glass curtain wall, and the glass “basking in the sun” can generate electricity…

On site workers of Class 1.5 enterprise port project in Jiangdong new area, Haikou are orderly hoisting assembled box modules.


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