Livable aesthetic architecture with new Asian style and integration of East and West

With the improvement of Chinese cultural soft power and national identity, the return of Chinese cultural self-confidence and living concept has become a general trend.

Taihe garden, 180000 square meters of full-age ecological quality residential area, Licheng, accompanies the development of time to the south, with a different kind of peace and comfort, 118-137 ㎡ smart three houses, welcome to the appraisal and purchase hotline: 0534-7906666 project address: West of Hengyuan primary school in Linyi County 1.

Why does Taihe garden choose the new Asian architectural style? What the new Asian Architecture pursues is a new residential culture with both practicality and beauty.

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The pictures come from the network 3M high The house type is arranged in a square double balcony with good indoor lighting.

They spend a lot of money to install scientific and technological equipment such as intelligent access control system, 360 ° dead corner free monitoring system, community WiFi, visual intercom, electronic patrol, peripheral anti cross-border alarm system, indoor one button alarm system, etc., so as to fully consider the living safety of the owner and create an intelligent and safe community.

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Architecture is beautiful and itself is a philosophical poem The era creates buildings.

The bedroom and living room have large bay, short depth and warm light.

The picture comes from the network.

During the spring and Autumn period and the Warring States period, kaogong Ji mentioned the standards of Architectural Aesthetics: sometimes the sky, the earth, the material and the workmanship are combined, and then it can be good.

As an innovative humanistic garden architectural form that does not lose the essence of traditional culture and is full of the flavor of the times, the new Asian style has become the darling of the times.

The overall house type adopts the four bright design, with bright hall, bright kitchen, bright bedroom and bright bathroom, transparent north and south, dynamic and static zoning to highlight the grade.

They are not random reinforced concrete, but devoted efforts.

What’s special about Taihe garden? It creates an outdoor space with high greening rate with a proportion of nearly 40%.

The understanding of higher quality of life and the constant pursuit of new Asian style architecture combine western aesthetics and eastern culture, and show the overall structure and spatial consciousness of the building, which not only reflects the national works, but also reflects the taste and elegance of modern people’s fashion.

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When Oriental style meets poetic life, new architectural style and innovative living concept, these will improve the living experience of Taihe garden.

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The house type adopts the design of three rooms, two halls and double balconies.

The neighborhood is decorated with cluster landscape greening, which strengthens the integrity and symbiosis of the landscape, pays attention to simplicity and simplicity, and pays attention to the hierarchy of greening landscape.

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The top 10 scientific and technological systems are devoted to building an intelligent and safe community project.

Wide view floating window is presented for leisure and viewing.

Large bay, short depth living room and bedroom have good daylighting and ventilation.

What is the aesthetic charm of the combination of East and west of the new Asian architectural style? Let the architecture return to the art “new Asian Architecture”, which is a re understanding of Contemporary Asian Architectural Design by designers: Based on the strong Asian regional traditional culture, integrate modern western culture, improve the function, and blend Chinese and Western culture in the architecture, While inheriting Asian culture, it is also more suitable for modern people’s lifestyle.

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The return of cultural self-confidence and traditional living concept has spread from the west to the East.

After years of baptism, the building is the most close to life art.

During decoration, metal chandeliers are used to create a warm and soft atmosphere, matched with white leather sofas full of texture to highlight the elegant taste of the owner, and then decorated with floor decorative paintings, which can create a simple atmosphere without losing a refreshing and warm atmosphere.

Why is the architectural style of New Asia sought after by customers? 1.

In the era of world cultural integration, a new architectural style came into being – “new Asian Architecture”.

3 in line with the aesthetic taste of Chinese people’s spiritual level, the new Asian architectural style adopts the integrated style in color, which extends the natural characteristics of Chinese style, gives people a simple feeling, and then mixes with other colors to fully express the cultural identity and aesthetic orientation of foreigners.

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As the first representative work of Zhongtian Tonghui in New Asian architecture, Taihe garden, starting from the living and living habits of Chinese people, gathers a first-class designer team, integrates the essence of Chinese classic culture and the aesthetic standards of international pan Chinese cultural circle, integrates traditional artistic conception and modern style, creates new Asian architecture with excellent Seiko quality, and pays attention to the comfort of modern life, Emphasize the harmonious coexistence between people and the environment, and create residential buildings suitable for Chinese people.


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