Light steel villas promote the development of housing industry and promote the renewal of buildings!

Steel structure houses have been built in many places along the coast with frequent typhoons.

Unlike the red brick house, it is a rigid connection, In case of any natural phenomenon and uneven stress, the wall is easy to crack and cannot be repaired.

From the perspective of main materials, steel will not grow insects or become rotten wood with the passage of time.

Traditional houses have poor wind resistance and safety: in geological disaster areas, due to the excessive weight of brick concrete houses, the foundation houses collapsed, but the self weight of light steel houses is light, which is only one fifth of the weight of brick concrete structure houses and one eighth of the weight of reinforced concrete houses, So as to greatly reduce the foundation cost and the local subsidence and collapse of foundation and houses caused by local natural phenomena.

It is a high-quality building material with good ductility and toughness.

The important reason is the use of prefabricated earthquake resistant houses.

Under such a strong wind force, the rigid traditional houses will be seriously damaged and collapse!   The light steel house adopts advanced double-sided galvanized light steel main body and imported OSB board to form a “plate lat structure system”.

It is a light steel villa, design A comprehensive enterprise integrating construction.

Because these parts are connected together by screws and connectors, installation and disassembly are very simple.

Japan is in a long-term earthquake area, but there is little human and material damage due to the earthquake.

The service life of the main structure is more than 90 years, with good durability and very cost-effective.

“Extraordinary green construction” trademark has passed the national trademark registration; Extraordinary villa, extraordinary quality, quality casts the brand; Extraordinary is willing to create a good house with safety, earthquake resistance, green environmental protection, energy conservation and comfort for everyone.

Prefabricated light steel structure houses that can resist Wenchuan earthquake (proved by practice and many seismic experiments of the Research Institute of Tsinghua University) have gradually replaced traditional houses.

Maintenance and rework are time-consuming and laborious, affecting the living.

It can not only be recycled and reused, reduce the emission of construction waste, but also promote the development of the residential industry and promote the renewal of buildings.

The light steel villa has mobility.

It is very environmentally friendly and economical.

It can be recycled after several years of demolition.

(safety: earthquake) the seismic performance of traditional houses is poor.

In case of demolition, it can be divided into many parts, which can be transported to a new location and reinstalled.

Anhui Bufan Construction Technology Co., Ltd.

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A light steel villa is composed of a variety of components, and the components have stable performance, high accuracy and complete overall structure.

It is committed to promoting the integration of steel structure integrated houses and photovoltaic buildings.

It can prevent typhoon level 12, and the load-bearing snow on the roof is 1.5m.

It is a recyclable building structure in the city.

With good thermal insulation performance, the thermal insulation wallboard with good thermal insulation performance is adopted, and the passive architectural design is adopted, with indoor thermal insulation and energy saving.

Let’s summarize its main characteristics: environmental protection.

is a science and technology enterprise in Anhui Province, listed on Anhui Science and innovation board, and a national high-tech enterprise.

Traditional houses vs light steel buildings (safety: earthquake) the earthquake itself does not hurt people.

This is because the steel keel is light and solid.

It is a flexible connection, which can be retracted and deformed when stressed, but will not crack.

The actual injury is that the earthquake causes the collapse of non earthquake resistant buildings, which is fatal! Causing serious losses to the state and society.

Anhui Bufan provides you with one-stop design, construction and after-sales guarantee services for self built houses in rural areas and houses in scenic spots.

(cracks appear on the wall) the geological resistance of traditional houses is poor, and cracks occur from time to time in brick concrete houses.

In the face of frequent earthquakes in recent years, the state has also actively attached importance to building reform.

It has a number of national patents, three levels of general contracting for housing construction and two levels of decoration.

90% of the materials of light steel villa can be recycled.

The horror of earthquake is that the earthquake prevention work of buildings is not done well, so that a large number of casualties.

Very safe, earthquake resistant 9 degrees.

The performance of light steel villa is extremely excellent.

The company has passed AAA credit, abiding by contracts and keeping promises, and quality management system certification.

The fashionable appearance not only controls the styles of various styles, but also is green and environmentally friendly.

Wing Nut Tie Rod

A typhoon with a speed of 100 m / s, the traditional houses bear a wind pressure of 2.5 tons per square meter.

(safety: Typhoon) safety: typhoon is a huge energy reservoir with fast wind speed.

Traditional brick houses are no longer promoted by the state, and more and more cities restrict the construction.

In recent years, light steel villas are very popular and loved in the residential field.

The house is firm, the light steel main body is rust proof and mothproof, and there are special pull-out screws, chemical anchor bolts and expansion screws to connect the house as a whole and closely connected with the foundation, which can resist grade 13 hurricanes.


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