[Liaoning] recruitment | announcement of Liaoning Vocational College of architecture on public recruitment of staff in 2021 (the second

The qualification examination time and related matters will be on the official website of Liaoning Vocational College of architecture( http://www.lnjzxy.com )Announcement.

Those who fail to reach the minimum qualified score of the written examination cannot participate in the interview; The written test results of the last interviewer are tied, and they will participate in the interview at the same time.

The applicant shall provide the following materials when registering (all materials shall be scanned into PDF format.

(3) Qualification examination our company will examine and confirm the candidates’ registration qualification in strict accordance with the announcement and post qualification conditions.

If the effective number of applicants and the number of recruiters for the post recruited through examination is less than 2:1, the recruitment plan for the post will be cancelled or reduced.

Scanned copy of ID card; 4.

If the applicant fails to change the application within the specified time, it shall be deemed to have given up the application.

The registration shall implement the integrity commitment system, and the information filled in by the applicant shall be true and effective.

(4) Academic certificate, degree certificate and electronic registration form of academic certificate of the Ministry of education queried by xuexin.com; If the 2021 graduates have not obtained the academic degree certificate for the time being, they must provide the school certificate and transcript certificate stamped with the official seal and indicating the graduation time, as well as the online verification report of student status of the Ministry of education queried by xuexin.com; Qualified graduates of overseas colleges and universities must provide academic qualifications, degree certificates and transcripts issued by the Ministry of education; For those requiring both postgraduate and undergraduate majors, graduation certificates and degree certificates of the two stages shall be provided at the same time; (5) For positions with work experience requirements, it is necessary to provide the work experience certificate issued by the original work unit (it is necessary to affix the official seal of the unit after being signed by the staff and person in charge of the personnel department of the unit, and indicate the address, contact person and telephone number of the unit.

The interview shall determine the list of interviewees for each position according to the ratio of 1:3 between the recruitment plan and the number of interviewees and the order of written examination results from high to low.

The academic degree certificates obtained by graduates of overseas colleges and universities shall be certified by the Ministry of education.

4、 Recruitment steps (I) release recruitment information.

Please make materials according to the template in Annex 3) and the pension insurance payment record certificate matching the work experience certificate; (6) To apply for the position of organizer, relevant certificates of political appearance, Party age and work experience signed and sealed by the staff and person in charge of the Organization Department of the Party committee (please make the materials according to the template in Annex 4) and proof of pension insurance payment records matching the proof of work experience shall be provided; (7) Those who apply for corresponding posts with deputy senior and above professional and technical qualifications need to provide professional title certificate and evaluation form.

After the written examination results are announced, the qualification of those who enter the interview scope will be reviewed.

Candidates who have registered for cancelled posts can register for other posts that meet the recruitment conditions and have not been cancelled within the specified time.

Candidates who meet the recruitment conditions of our company fill in the 2021 open recruitment application form of Liaoning Vocational College of Architecture (the second batch) (see Annex 2) and send it to the registration mailbox together with supporting materials: ljzyrsc@126.com 。 Please indicate “post serial number (see Annex 1) + name + major” in the email title, such as “1 + Tiantian + ideological and political education” and “4 + Li + bridge and tunnel engineering”.

Those who have passed the examination, physical examination, investigation and publicity and obtained the graduation certificate and degree certificate before December 31, 2021 can be employed according to the regulations, otherwise they will not be employed.

The recruitment objects are fresh graduates of ordinary colleges and universities in 2021 and in-service and non in-service personnel in society who meet the basic conditions for applying for the examination and the specific qualification conditions for recruitment posts.

In principle, the age of the candidate shall not exceed 35 years old (born on or after January 1, 1986).

Magnetic Steel Chamfer

In principle, the supplementary work shall be completed within 3 working days after the qualification examination..

Those who fail to accept the qualification examination within the specified time shall be deemed to give up automatically.



Other personnel who have been subject to various criminal penalties for crimes, are suspected of crimes, have not been identified or are undergoing disciplinary review, and are not allowed to be employed according to national laws and regulations shall not apply for the examination.

Before the interview, if the candidate voluntarily gives up, fails to pass the qualification examination or is disqualified for fraud and other reasons, the job vacancy will be filled.

Fresh graduates of colleges and universities in 2021 can sign up and take the examination first.

The position information of recruiters is on Liaoning personnel examination network (www.lnrsks.

2、 Basic requirements for recruitment (1) having the nationality of the people’s Republic of China; (2) Compliance with the Constitution and laws; (3) At least 18 years old, with good conduct; (4) Have the professional or skill conditions required by the post and the physical conditions to meet the post requirements; (5) For other conditions required by the post, please refer to Annex 1 information table of open recruitment plan of Liaoning Construction Vocational College in 2021 (the second batch).

3、 Recruitment method this recruitment post adopts the examination and assessment method.

For those who have passed the review of the jury in 2021 but have not obtained the qualification certificate, the publicity certificate of the reviewers of the corresponding jury can be provided in advance.

Once it is found that candidates do not meet the job requirements or resort to fraud, candidates’ examination and Application qualification shall be cancelled at any time.

Certificates of senior and above professional and technical qualifications.

The relevant matters are hereby announced as follows: 1.

(2) Registration time: December 4, 2021 – December 10, 2021 registration method: online registration.

Qualification examination runs through the whole process of recruitment.

After the written examination, our company will summarize and analyze the results and determine the minimum qualified score.

If the recruitment post has special requirements for age conditions, it shall be implemented according to the age conditions required by the post.

All materials shall be placed in one folder, and the folder shall be named with “post serial number (see Annex 1) + name + major”, such as “1 + Tiantian + ideological and political education”.

It mainly examines the ID card, academic degree certificate, work experience, etc.

Please send word document and handwritten signed PDF document at the same time for public recruitment registration form (Annex 2): (1) registration form (word document and handwritten signed PDF document shall be sent at the same time) (2) resume; (3) two generation of resident identity cards (or temporary identity cards in the validity period and registered residence certificates with photographs) are opposite.

(4) The examination is divided into two links: written examination and interview.

If the materials are found to be false, the examination or application qualification shall be cancelled at any time.

The materials in the folder shall be sorted out according to the following sequence: 1 registration form (PDF version of 1-1 registration form and word version of 1-2 registration form); 2.

According to the regulations on personnel management of public institutions (Order No.

Scanned copies of academic degree certificate and electronic registration form of academic degree certificate; 5.

Proof of work experience; 6.

The written examination focuses on professional quality and ability, and the written examination results are kept to two decimal places.

Resume; 3.

The calculation date of the candidate’s work experience is up to the date of announcement, and the calculation date of other qualification conditions or relevant qualifications is the starting date of registration.

After finishing, please make the folder into a compressed file and send it to the specified mailbox ljzyrsc@126.com 。 Each candidate can only apply for one post.

652 of the State Council) and the measures for open recruitment of personnel by public institutions in Liaoning Province, and in combination with the actual situation of our unit, wechat for the consultation of [Liaoning] examinee Exchange Group intends to open recruitment of staff to the public.

Post certification materials of the organizer; 7.

Com) and the official website of Liaoning Vocational College of architecture( http://www.lnjzxy.com )Unified release on.

The written examination requirements, time, place and written examination results will be published through our official website.

provided by the applicant, as well as the qualification and other conditions involved in the recruitment information.

The written examination is conducted in a closed book, with a full score of 100.


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