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The kitchen is outlined by iron wire splicing, showing a solid and rich spatial structure.

The designer fully considers the background and historical significance of the building and carefully designs on the premise of maintaining the integrity of the original context.

The torn textile art on the background wall shows the ancient scene of labor.

The original floor tile paving stone filled with texture completes the passage between the original garden and the architectural structure, and this wooden door represents the formal entrance at the beginning.

Stepping on the second floor, you will be wrapped in a piece of wood color, as if you can smell the fragrance exclusive to wood.

In order to create an open-air garden, the designer demolished the roof and used a fine galvanized expansion net on the existing roof joist to minimize the damage to the original structure.

The interior space is like a box.

In addition to unnecessary decoration, the designer shows us a comfortable living area.

The country style red brick wall has become an ornament here, just to bring the people to the fresh and natural place during dinner.

The conical ceiling with reverse steps, such as the pyramid made of concrete, can see that youth has been corroded by years, leaving traces of vicissitudes.

The original concrete floor and sawtooth roof structure, with three internal spaces, highlight the height of the building and allow light and air to go deep into the interior.

With the open layout of Brazilian modernism, the owner seems to spare his privacy, and the openness of the space is amazing.

BELLOWS    House conical roof residence “what we deliver is what we believe in architecture and architecture, and the design process comes from both hands.” – architectseatbellows house is located in Australia, with an area of about 350 m2, which is carefully designed by architecteat.

The main living space shows the comfort of the family and the aesthetic orientation of the designer in a refined way.

Different from the experience of their urban residence, this is a house that can escape the noise, a world away from their urban life, an unforgettable house, art such as the Egyptian masterpiece pyramid.

The designer combines a warehouse and adjacent worker’s cabin into a family house.

The designer highlights the character of the house with color and structure to create a retro quiet house with full personality.

Red and green, very interesting.

Wood and different brick types cooperate with each other, creating a retro and interesting atmosphere here.

The original brick walls of the building are exposed and set off by clusters of green plants.

Architecteat gains experience from personal experience and is good at appreciating the value of touch.

The courtyard is enclosed by the north boundary wall and directly connected to the main and guest hall and kitchen.

It not only brought the natural sunlight into our arms, but also showed us a unique structure.

The visual effect of the conical ladder is best seen here.

It has an “Australian backyard”.

The new concrete wall is juxtaposed with the new texture, creating a tension between the old and the new.

STOCKROOM   “Any design needs to adhere to humanization and create for people’s purposes as a way to connect people and the environment.” – architecteat this case is located in the inner suburb of Fitzroy, Melbourne.

Technology is the core of this project.

The combination of geometric and abstract line paintings hanging on the brick wall seems to be the combination of age and innovation, which gives people an indescribable psychological impact.

The hollowed out thin wood splicing constitutes a winding and rigorous like the Oriental courtyard, which is very exquisite.

The open design inside the box brightens people’s eyes.

The background wall of the restaurant is very unique, highlighting the designer’s consistent aesthetics.

Art is the most prominent decoration in architecture.

Contrast colors are widely used in the lounge and bedroom to highlight the character of the room.

Albert and Eid focus on coordinating the team to move towards a common vision and find consensus.

The whole restaurant is exposed to nature, which is a tribute to the primitive and nature.

The quiet feeling of gray tone is incisively and vividly displayed by the designer.

The interior design is unique under the influence of Venice and Brazilian modernism.

The peacock blue sofa lights up the space.

A building full of history can provide artificial and insurmountable texture.

The white tone makes the space more transparent and clear.

This work is connected by the details of masonry and concrete, together with the conical roof and spatial stratification.

They know that the basic element of any design is to adhere to humanization, so they always maintain honesty and humility in their work, and prove themselves with their top design.

Through the garden and the living space on both sides, you can see a Venetian channel.

FITZROY   LOFT   Fitzroy loft “creating architecture and space is a bit like building a rocket.

The hanging staircase omits the handrail, and its ingenious design makes it seem to grow out of the wall, with a sense of fantasy.

The large floor to ceiling windows increase the degree of opening, and the excellent indoor furnishings are looming.

Architects eat gives this house a quiet soul.

Early in the morning, the shadows of the trees cast on the white concrete blocks, adding vitality to the long articulated facade.

Architecteat Australian architecture and interior design studio Melbourne architecture and interior design studio architecteat was co founded by Australian designers Albert Mo and eidgo.

Once it starts to take off, we will ask ourselves how big the next work will be and how far it can fly.” – architectseatfitzroyloft is located in the 125 year old macrobertson chocolate factory, which was transformed into a house in the early 1990s.

Movable stairs and high bookshelves create an isolated atmosphere of knowledge and spirit.

Through the gap between the long facade and the garage, it provides an outdoor shower and a glimpse of the unique characteristics of the building.

These unique structures have aroused people’s curiosity and wonder about it.

The living room continues the gray retro style, and more colors are used in the room to suit its mysterious taste.

Each defect is a note of wind or a smile, connecting the light from the sky and endowing the space with nature and light.

The long building facade and gray masonry appearance are like a mysterious box.

Building facade is essentially a defense mechanism to protect family privacy.

There is no complicated decoration in the room, and the space character is highlighted by color.

Fixing Socket Cross Hole Nail Plate

This is a team of 25 Melbourne local designers.


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