Lecture on general code for building and municipal foundation ppt

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The specification highlights the nature of technical regulations, puts forward the engineering construction principles covering the whole process or main stages of foundation engineering, defines the functional requirements of foundation, and puts forward the basic requirements for the design, construction and acceptance of foundation, pile foundation, foundation, foundation pit and slope engineering, which plays a normative, guiding and guiding role in China’s engineering construction The composition of elements is in line with foreign technical regulations and advanced technical standards, reaching the international advanced level.

The resources for future public release will be classified according to professional classification (Monday building, Tuesday structure, Wednesday water supply, drainage, Thursday HVAC, and electrical).

The general code for building and municipal foundation is the official account of GB55003-2021.

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It is one of the 38 mandatory provisions of the whole text set up by the Ministry of housing and urban rural construction in accordance with the national engineering construction standard system reform, and has been implemented since January 1, 2022.


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