Learning report sharing of building decoration materials

The purpose of this report is to fully and comprehensively understand the basic knowledge and related process of various materials, and help myself and my friends to summarize the relevant content


The summary of this report is mainly from several aspects: classification and introduction of various building materials Shao, all kinds of material process analysis, all kinds of material process cost analysis; the content of this time is mainly in the classification and introduction, in the following tweets, I will try to enrich the content of process and cost analysis, including the good tweets I see, I will also forward and share them, thank you for your attention! Let’s get down to the main topic: decoration materials classification mind map catalogue material classification process analysis cost analysis gypsum board calcium silicate board aluminum gusset board aluminum plastic board PVC board ceiling keel wood keel light steel keel ceiling keel aluminum alloy keel coating base course coating veneer tile paving base course material tile paving main material tile paving main material tile purchasing precautions wallpaper paving auxiliary material wallpaper paving auxiliary material wallpaper Matters needing attention in purchase floor classification door introduction plate classification plate classification connection hardware function hardware adhesive material classification water and electricity material pipe fitting water and electricity material oil material glass material glass material indoor decoration process brief introduction ceiling process brief introduction wall coating process brief introduction wall wallpaper process brief introduction floor tile paving process brief introduction floor wood floor paving process brief introduction Official account introduction, indoor construction technology cost analysis, ceiling cost, split wall spray cost analysis, tile placement cost analysis, thank you for watching the contents continue to update, and want to get source files to pay attention to the public number and scan add below the small WeChat, the summary is not easy.



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